Thursday, November 29, 2007

taking it one day at a time.

oh, how i wish that my brain would magically absorb and understand everything at the first time.


Thursday, November 22, 2007

the glove compartment isnt correctly named

i keep having this recurring dream of driving. this goes back to the time when i had just graduated from university and had returned to dubai in hopes of finding the greatest job ever written for me since i was now foren educated. sadly that didnt happen immediately, much to my shock, i thought everyone would be tripping over themselves to hire me. hahaha. but like one of my favourite dialogues from this pakistani drama tanhaiyaan which ive quoted before, zindagi tabti dhoop ka naam hai. drama, drama haha. so i ended up doing some gigs which i always wanted to do. like become a professor. so i interviewed and they accepted me. it wasnt a great university, im not going to name it but at least it had a campus of some sorts, which is a big deal since there are so many "universities" that consist of a mere two room apt in dubai.
anyway, so ill write about that teaching experience later on of which there were a few. but in a nutshell, mallus are a very very close knit community and if you are the only non mallu, you stand out like a sore thumb. and no matter how much you try, you cant break into their inner"circle of trust" - i quote from the movie, meet the parents. i was always the outsider. and of course, im extremely exaggerating. but that was my overall feeling at that time. and also i was the youngest professor, so that "rohb jamana" type thng never worked out for me. and the mba class that i was teaching initially took me for a joke, when i entered the classroom for the first time. they thought i was the assistant or something. and being very university americanized, i wrote my email address on the blackboard, office hours and my telephone number too in case anyone had questions they had to ask. how dumb was i?. and i prevented pple from calling me maam and just refer to me by the first name and to stop standing up when i came into the classroom or when asking me a question. and just when students started warming up to me and my fast paced note writing lectures were becoming not as fast paced and when handing out candy before tests was getting appreciated, i got fired.
ok well not fired, fired. just an ultimatum to become a professor full time or leave. and coz my mom would kill me if i gave up my day job (which i finally got after giving a stupid iq test andtwo interviews) so i gave up the proffesor giri. well there were other factors, but ill leave that to another day of reminiscing.
so anyway i think ive gone beyond the words in a nutshell. so this post is mainly about the driving, it used to take me at least half an hour to drive back home from knowledge village back to old dubai. and i used to really really look forward to that. mainly coz the traffic in dubai is so bad and its horrible to drive there now but after 10 at nite (when my classes used to finish) its a dream to drive between umm-suqueim and jumeirah. empty roads and u can go at a stretch with no signals. aaaah bliss..of course i dont know the situation now, this was four years ago. and after salik, which im yet to see, the dream may have become a nightmare. anyway so i know exactly where the cameras are on the road, so it was great. i really have a problem with speeding. I think with speeding you yourself dotn know what speed you are in, coz you are in control you think you arent speeding. so neway i remember i was speeding along on the road trying to beat my time to get home and suddenly all of a sudden the radio stops working, the lights on the dashboard start dimming and my car just stops. and thank god i had some sense to move it to the side.
so now im stranded in the middle of nowhere, (ie umm-suqueim) and i notice my cellphone battery is almost dieing. so i make that last phone call home and then it dies. there is a small grocery shop type place and of course lot of villas around. someone comes out of the shop wearing a lungi and just stares at me. so i get back in the car and now i have no clue if my family even knows where i am or if they understood what iw as saying. in the end, yes this has a happy ending, like movies, i was found, no knight in shining armor or anything close to that (sadly a movie but not a hindi movie). so anyway the car is jump started and everythig is hunky dory.
but in my dream i am never found and i always wake up disoriented. and it seems all so real. not when you sometimes are dreaming and you know its a dream. i dont believe dreams are indications of the future, but i do think they are somethings you have been thinking of subconsciously and they project that. despite that, i cant wait to drive when i go back home.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"bachpan sei hi na...mujhei shaadi karnei ka bahot craze hei, by God" - Jab we met

movie of the week and more jab we met. i think its this year's best hindi movie. and after watching this movie i think kareena kapoor is quite talented and is simply a natural, when she wants to be. shahid kapoor has played his role really well. but the screenplay and the direction is the real star of this movie. the story is the typical boy meets girl, but the scenes are quite unique. which is basically how reality is. everyone has their own story to tell. even though it probably has the same path. a definete must watch. i loved imtiaz alis socha na tha as well and this is much better. definetly a director to watch for.

heres one of my favourite scenese. courtesy a youtuber. the songs arent that great though. so fastforward the first 1.5 mins


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

venting 101

so on cnn there was an article about a rape of an 18 year old girl in saudi arabia. The case is that the girl while meeting with a male friend was attacked by 7 men, kidnapped and both were raped. The 7 men were jailed and given sentences ranging from 2 - 9 years. The major shock factor is that the victims were also given sentences of 90 lashes. And after the girl appealed, the court raised the sentence to 200 lashes because she had spoken to the media about the case. Sach bolna bhi ghuna hai! Her lawyer has been banned from the case and his license has been confiscated.

Heres what says about punishment of rape as per Shariah

"The Shari`ah has actually prescribed the punishment for four major crimes. It has prescribed the punishment for murder and other bodily harm, theft, fornication and qazaf (to accuse someone of zinaa - fornication - without adequate evidence). Besides these crimes, if a crime is committed against the community rather than an individual or if the crime is of the nature of religious persecution or if the motive of the crime is to spread a wave of terror through the whole community or if the crime is committed against the state, the Qur'an calls it "Fasaad fi al-ardh"[1]. In case of Fasaad fi al-ardh, the Qur'an has given four options for the person administering the punishment. Thus, the punishment may be severe or comparatively soft depending upon the nature of the crime committed and on the various conditions surrounding the accused. The punishments mentioned in the Qur'an , from among which one of the punishments shall be administered are:
Taqteel: Taqteel in the Arabic language means to kill in a very painful manner. One of the methods of taqteel, as adopted in the times of the Prophet (pbuh) was rajam, i.e. stoning to death. Other methods might include killing through the Electric chair etc.
Tasleeb: Tasleeb means to crucify. Crucifixion is the other option given by the Qur'an . Both taqteel and tasleeb are different methods that may be adopted to punish a criminal that in the eyes of the judge deserves no mercy and should not be allowed to live in the society.
Amputation of a hand and a foot: The third option is to cut off a hand and a foot of the criminal. This option shall be administered if the judge feels that the criminal has committed such a heinous crime that even if he is allowed to live, he should be made an example for the other members of the society and should not be allowed to live a normal life.
Banishment: The fourth option given to the judge for punishing such criminals is to banish them from their hometown. This option shall be used for such criminals who, in the eyes of the judge have the potential of correction and who, only due to their bad company in their own land had committed a grave crime.
Punishments for crimes other than those mentioned above shall be determined by the collectivity of the Muslims, through their legislative body. The basic guideline provided by the Qur'an for the determination of the punishments for other crimes is that no crime other than that, which falls under the category of murder or "Fasaad fi al-ardh" can be punished by death. Death sentence can only be administered in these two cases.
In view of the above explanation, it is quite clear that the Shari`ah does not determine the punishment for rape. There may be certain cases of rape, which fall under the category of Fasaad fi al-ardh. In such cases, any of the punishments provided for crimes that fall under this category may be administered, keeping in view the nature of the crime committed, the psyche and various other conditions of the criminal. For cases of rape, that do not fall under the category of Fasaad fi al-ardh, the legislative may, under the stated guideline provided by the Qur'an , decide about the punishment to be administered. This punishment may or may not be the same as stipulated for fornication in the Qur'an . "
Sometimes I am so appalled by the lack of logic, compassion, and understanding of these stupid judges in the Saudi court. I dont understand what kind of kick they get by showing they are so powerful and opressing the weak.
Their defense is that the girl was with a non-mahram and that she brought this onto herself. This kind of bullshit mentality just irks me. First of all, she was in a public place and the law says that you arent supposed to be with a non mahram in private. Secondly even even if it were something not permissible, there is something called compassion, something called humanity.
Isnt your kindness, your religion? Isnt your understanding, your religion? Isnt your actions, your religion?
how can you give such a sentence after all that this girl has gone through! How would they feel if it were there own child has to go through this? When will these people understand? I just dont get it. And why is this sentence so lenient for the 7 rapists. and since when did the judicial court in Saudi decide they can play God. The whole thing just irritates me.
I had an uncle when asked what is the city you would love to live in. He always said Saudi Arabia, since its considered by muslims as the most holy place. This is the opinion of many pple. They have this rosy image. But when things like this happen, the image gets distorted.
Its the worst for women. The restrictions are ridiculous. You cant drive. What if you have no family , what if you are a single women and have no one to depend on and have to work. and may have to drive to work, but you cant coz you arent allowed. Even for Haj which is your right, you need a mahram to accompany you. The law as I would like to blieve was written in terms that there is someone to take care of you and so you are protected.But things have gone a long long way. What if there isnt anyone, how can they prevent you from doing Haj!
SO SO Ridiculous
And you know what is going to happen now ,rather than seeing this as how screwed up the judicial system is in Saudi Arabia, this is going to be blown out in the media here and add to the alread y negative image of Islam. and alllllll because of these idiots.
I do think there is a desperate need to revisit these laws, there is a need to stop taking things as either black or white. My favourite hadith that I believe explains this concept beautifully is the story of the prostitute and the dog. A prostitute while passing by saw a thirsty dog which noone had bothered with. She filled her shoe with water and gave it to the dog. And it is said that God forgave her for all her sins, for that one act of kindness.
If it were upto these idiotic judges they would have probably beaten the prostitute and the dog for accepting water from her.


Monday, November 19, 2007

sapnon mei jo roz kaha hai, woh phir sei kahoon..ya nahi

so today at work, i started working on a follow up to a project, although i really wasnt into it. And i really couldnt understand why the follow up was needed, coz everything was all encompassing and obvious. and to top it off, u know when you have one of those days where you really dont want to use your brain, where you hope everything will magically fall into place, where you dont even feel like going for 15 minute coffee breaks with your friends, coz you are feeling so out of it. where the office crush even passing by (thrice) has no effect on you. where your boss being out for the day holds no appeal to surfing online. (a great big of a deal since i sit right next to my boss). or listening to your ipod bindass. (i recently found out its considered unprofessional, and ive tried to kick this bad habit) but ive decided, to hell with it, i cant do without my ipod after 3, its like caffiene to others, so im just buying black headphones and wearing my scarf around my neck so its hidden and my hair covers my ears neway. yay. i promise however to stop humming and day dreaming on "aaj ki raat" from don)
i particularly lvoe that song, i dont know why. its like the perfect song to day dream about someone you really hate and how you are bumping them off. hahahahaahah. i have all the scenarios imagined in my head for this song, that i beleive i can choreograph it, in a heartbeat.
ok im digressing.
so, basically its been just a really dull dull day. and then suddenly IT happens. just like that.
pm: i figured it out, you dont need to do anything. im sorry you had to waste your time to figure it out.
me: * so so so so so elated* Thats ok.
i was so happy that i dont even care that i wasted whole morning working on it.
Sometimes God does listen to me, Thank you =)


Saturday, November 17, 2007

things what one will do to (not) study

1. get up early really early in the morning
2. get dressed and kick oneself out of the door to venture out into unfamiliar territory (i.e local neighbourhood library)
3. make pit stop at bagel place all set to skip lunch since major studying will be going on but before that will have the hearty breakfast, the so called most impt meal of the day.
4. decide to smuggle in breakfast in library (saving more time)
5. find out library is only three floors, of which one floor is the size of my studio. (mild exaggeration, only mild though)
6. see big big sign of no eating, no drinking no nothing in library. figured that earlier, coz you know i have been in uni before, but decided its ok will do what i did in uni, eat in the library. oh the forbidden fruit hath taste not tastier (ok im sure thats not hte line)
7. decide what the hell am here to study not eat, will eat later so spread all my books and keep my ipod handy as well in case i decide to doze of with the silence.
8. and then.. on the third floor a kid starts crying, not regular crying but screeching.
9. this goes on for half an hour
10. decide wat the hell, i want to eat my sandwich and go home.
11. come home, make myself comfortable, make tea (yep tea) for myself just myself as opposed to for others, and then decide nows the time to blog.

god, i hate studying. times like these, i wish were vicky of small wonder, (yes the old old old tv show).


Thursday, November 15, 2007

201th post.
Suddenly I see, Suddenly I see
This is what I wanna be
Suddenly I see, Suddenly I see
Why the hell it means so much to me
-KT Tunstall


meri umar kei naujawanon..
ok my post really has nothing to do with the above song. just heard it for the first time while watching om shanti om and i really like it. i think i should have been born in the 70s. or rather should have been in my 20s in the 70s. my mom thinks im quite a hippy. well neway so in rather unhippy fashion, i attended one of these networking events at work where a Director was giving the lowdown on what it is to be a Director, and what it was to have left a firm, that most pple would give an arm a leg to work at, coz it is all so mighty and powerful. But she left, coz she felt our workplace provides a better balance of work and family (yea rite) but she also honestly said that it was becoz she was passed over for a promotion. Soooooooo as all of us (ok maybe just me) hung on whatever she said, some asked a lot of questions varying from what is the male female ratio like. did you tell the current firm you wanted to strike a balance between work and family when you were interviewing etc.
Whats the big deal? I dont find any difference between working for either men and women. I think pple should really stop with this, people are people and thats just the way they should be seen. There are stuck up pple in both the gender. Get over it.
Anyway in other news Im going to be going back to school to attend a recruiting event. This is the time where Im going to be on the other side and Im not looking forward to being cornered by graduates. I know I was pretty stupid when I was in university, and would ask the panelists all sort of random questions. And now that I know we are so focused on our own work that we do, its impossible to know the answers to all these random questions. Im not really looking forward to going back to university, its a whole plane ride away and then awkward conversations with other pple on the panelists. But then everyone thinks this is a great opportunity for me tot get to know pple from other groups, but more importantly to stop being such an antisocial geek.
lets see how that goes.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

so today my sister sent me flowers at work. and i really didnt expect it. but the assistant who sits next to me was far more eager than me to a. find out what its in the box and b. to know who its from. while i was opening that, i got another call saying i have flowers for me. I told the guy that i think i already received it, after which hes like no its front of me. This time from a friend. But what really gave me a kick on how many pple are soooo into gossip and masala at work. Everyone wants to know who the flowers are from, and in particular who the roses are from and they go as far as to tease ohhhhhh your friend is sending you flowers, waiting for me to disclose more. hahah. but since im a smart cookie, i dont. hahaha. and then they ask so you must be pretty special to your sister for her to send you flowers. lol. thank you. but, i still think the most embarassing question is for pple to ask how old are you, and then for them to go but you dont look like 26. which makes me think do i not act my age. and then further think what does acting ones age entail. its all in the mind. neway i think its quite nice to get flowers at work, pple you hardly talk to come and talk to you and wish you and just get to know you. i distributed some of the roses i got and it made quite a few of them happy. all in all a day that started out very blahish and ended up quite well. =)


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dialogue of the year : "chutki bhaar sindhoor aurat ka taj hoti hai" - Om shanti om (or something on those lines)

*read ahead only if you have watched om shanti om or one of those who read the end of the book first.

ok so the movie of the week is om shanti om. and i have to say that im not much of a fan of SRK, nor do I find his "Rahul, naam tau yaad rahega" type movies fun. and I didnt think Main hoon na was great either. However, I do think he is a good actor when he is subdued. So neway the choice was between this movie and Saawariya, which by default gets eliminated coz I really dont like Bhansalis movies barring Black. yes, im one of those pple who dont need drama in everything.
Ok so, despite all that (im just tying to point out oh how so objective i am = ))I have to say that Om shanti Om is fun fun and fun from the word go! You cant help but crack up at some scenes. There were pple behind me who were cracking up like anything. It just goes to show pple would rather go watch a fun movie than a rhona dhona, no matter how mindless it is. You can never go wrong with making pple laugh. Its basically a spoof on itself, its funny and there are so many movie references, actor references and one has to see it twice to get more of the "inside" jokes so to speak.
So, storyline - the movie is basically based on this junior artiste SRK who is in love with the superstar of the time, Deepika Padukone. (I dont remmeber their character names so im going to call them by their real names) who is really pretty and has done a great job for a first movie. But she is married to Arjun Rampal, who is the producer of the movie. Arjun Rampal, I dont know why is so underrated. I think he has great diction, super good looking and when he does the english dialogues it doesnt sound fake like SRK or god forbid Salman Khan. Anyway so Arjun Rampal, bumps of his wife when she threatens to tell eveyrone and tells him about her pregnancy (yep yei filmy chakkar hai) neway so in some terrible fire which Rampal puts, Deepika dies and SRK dies trying to save her. All the above is happening in the 70s so the whole atmosphere is very 70ish. So fast forward 30 years, They are both reincarnated and once SRK realizes who he is, they gang up and try to take revenge on Rampal.
Giving whole lot of immense support is Kiran Kher, who is so superb. I think she is one of the major reasons to watch the film. When you see her in the scene, where she is supposed to be the quintessential "old mad woman" who warns Rampal from going in the house, which is supposedly haunted with the bhoot of Deepika Padukone. She is soo funny! and then her lines in the background make you laugh like anything. Then there is SRK's sidekick Shreyas Talpade, who has done his role really earnestly and comes across as endearing. I liked SRK in the first half a lot, but in the second half he is not as good. He hams quite a bit in his scenes with Rampal. But with SRK, you can see that he is so passionate about his scene that even when he hams you cant help but liking him. Not everyone has this quality.
The 31 star song which I thought would be no big deal is actually quite fun and really nice to watch. Other scenes I found funny were the filmfare awards with Akshay Kumar and Abhishek. Akshay Kumar is really good at comedy and I think there havent been many movies that have extracted that from him.
And other than the super sidey dialogues, which ironically are the USP of the film, Farah Khan's direction is great. Some dialogues were a bit repetitive, and they should have been removed but other than that I liked the ending song too, where everyone who contributed to the film are shown and its just nice for all the pple in the behind the scenes to be appreciated. Hmm so wat else?
Cant think of anything else, just simple advice to everyone to definetly go see the movie. Its fun, super entertaining, unpretentious and just mad. =)


Friday, November 09, 2007

of the pardesis

once upon a time, in a land far far away, in the midst of the desert, there used to be a lone tall building. in the lone tall building, there resided the US Consulate. Earlier, a trip to the US Consulate had to be booked a day or two max in advance. As the world became smaller and the lone tall building became even smaller, it now takes a whole month and half in advance to get an appointment. and this time, its a whole different ball game when you are applying for work visa.

so thats the bad news.

the good news is that im going to go home for vacation. yayy. and between studying for exam, working and trying to shop for family members, this month is going to be a whirlwind. there has to be a highly negatively correlated inverse relationship with work and time approaching for your vacation.


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

covering your eyes requires two palms and more

so i know a little late in the news, but i was reading up about the sanjeev nanda case. case in short, a wharton undergraduate, whose grandfather was head of indian navy and father owns some major corporation that deals with arms. so this guy and his friends run over 7 pple, of which three are cops. the only survivor, the only witness ath the point, goes hostile and says a truck ran over him. the parents of sanjeev nanda, post a humungous amount of bail money so that he can go abroad and study at INSEAD, in France. considered one of the worlds top business schools. fast forward 7 years, the case is still wide open. the prosecution and the defence are all "milawa"( in other words on the same side). the media is the only saving grace, not so much coz they care, but more coz pple want masala, but at least they are doing something. and thats a lot, considering the judicial system in india has gone to the dogs.
and i know this may be a long shot to say but i do think more pple go into corporate law than criminal law coz of less obvious thugs.
but wat also shocks me, is that how well reputed business schools can accept pple like this. is there no background check at all? does it alll come down to money and your connections. on some more googling, i read this interview by the above on some hotel website, now he manages a high end hotel group in India. Not anywhere in this interview was it mentioned about this incident. If you think about it, its a lot of crap, that they teach you in school. Nearly every MBA course has an ethics segment to it, most financial firms have yearly ethics lectures that you ahve to attend. It makes you think, if this guy didnt get into his own family hotel business, he might have ended up working for some financial firm. It makes you think if this guy is so untrustworthy that he cant accept responsibility when he does the ultimate thing of murdering someone, would he be so trustworthy in smaller matters of when things go wrong in the financial world. i think not. what does this say about the education system?is all this so called ethics that we have to follow just a farce? or the fact that one thinks that education is key for yes progress, knowledge, wealth but also for the progression of humanity. it just seems like rubbish now.
i read another article by varsha bhosle, written a while ago, where she correctly states that these kids if they were in the US and had done something like this. That would be it for them. End of career and definetly a long sentence. And so they know it and abide by the rules, coz they know their parents cannot bail them out. But in India, where the sab kuch chalta hai attitude is so prevalent, its a different story altogether. Personally, I do think there is some law and order in the States, even people with a lot of power cant cover all their tracks and end up having to do time. not all i know, but at least there are far more examples of justice here than in India. or even the Gulf. I wouldnt say arab countries are better either.
wat further bothers me is the survivors family and witnesses who go hostile. when i told this story to my sister, her rationale was that if the survivors family is ok with taking the money then perhaps its alrite. coz in all effect its a huge amount for them and can actually make their life better and sadly it may be that they would never be able to make so much. i still think that they should be punished and the survivors family should get compensated too. but then this isnt an ideal world. and that rarely happens.
perhaps sanjeev nanda isnt a goon, perhaps he was just a drunken kid who didnt care and things went horribly wrong and his parents did what all parents do, protect their child. not saying they are doing the right thing. no one is doodh mei dulawa.
but in every situation we are given choices, and sometimes we dont know what the resulting effect the choice has but we do know when we are doing somethign wrong. our conscience guides us.there is no excuse really , one is solely and only responsible for the choice one made/makes. sanjeev nanda should accept responsibility for what he did and face the consequences of his choice. there are no two ways about it.


Monday, November 05, 2007

zamanei ko bida kar dei...[loosely translated in context i hell with the world]

so i was listening to this song from madhuri dixit's comeback movie, aaja nachle (come dance), show me your jalwa while waiting for the train at the station. and sometimes its really quiet, while you are waiting and the song can be heard through your headphones.

so this very prim proper, elderly gora businessman, you know those kinds who wear pin stripe suits and have a hankerchief in their left/right pocket. so he was standing next to me, also wiating for the train, and then suddenly he starts tapping his feet and swaying. and yes i know, i was thinking the same thing maybe its not my music, so i lowered the volume and he stopped and then i increased the volume again and he started swaying again. hahahaah. i did it a couple of times.

its true, music transcends language, race, religion and culture. may we always have a lot of music in our lives. =)


Saturday, November 03, 2007

kitni baatein..

Kitni Baatein Yaad Aati Hain
Tasverein Si Ban Jaati Hain
Main Kaise Inhein Bhoolon, Dil Ko Kya Samjhaon
Kitni Baatein Kahane Ki Hain
Hothon Par Jo Sahmi Si Hain
Ek Roz Inhein Sun Lo, Kyun Aise Gumsum Ho
Kyun Poori Ho Na Paayee Daastan
Kaise Aayee Hain Aisi Dooriyan

Donon Ke Dilon Mein Sawaal Hain, Phir Bhi Hai Khamoshi
To Kaun Hai Kiska Doshi, Koi Kya Kahe
Kaisi Uljhanon Ke Ye Jaal Hain, Jin Mein Uljhe Hain Dil
Ab Hona Hai Kya Haasil, Koi Kya Kahe
Dil Ki Hai Kaisi Majbooriyan
Khoye The Kaise Raahon Ke Nishaan
Kaise Aayee Hain Aisi Dooriyan
Kitni Baatein ...Kyun Aise Gumsum Ho
Kitni Baatein...Dil Ko Kya Samjhaon

- lakshya (javed akhtar)


"Sapne zaroor dekho. Bas unke poore hone ki ummeed mat rakho" - DDLJ

so at a dinner with friends, we started discussing if it we were without any stress, any responsibility, without parental pressure, basically without worrying where the next pay check comes from, what we would do. and its interesting to see a lot of pple (or maybe its just my friends) are into some form of "creativity". i say creativity in quotations coz there is creativity in everything, even if you own a small bakery/patisserie of some sorts and find a unique way to make your pastries, that is creativity. or if you are a programmer and discovered a new way to structure your code, or created new programs to simplify your work. that again is creativity.

but in the regular sense of what is considered creativity, is the arts. journalism, writing, entertainment, and sometimes even entrepreneurship( i so know this is not hte correct spelling).

so anyway, my dream job which again has varied from since i was growing up. in my preteen to early teenage years i wanted to be a detective (the xfiles kind and not the karamchand jasoos fametypes ) and then a radio jockey and then a journalist but over the last 3 years its been, a movie director or writing a screenplay for hindi movies. (only problem is my hindi isn't good at all) and interestingly my friends want to do interior designing, be a travel documentarist kinds (im sure there is a real word for this), write a book, be a singer, have a business that sells movie star paraphenelia to dumb teenagers/kids (ive been there), have a desi restaurant in a red neck town, soap opera star, talk show host, professional pool player ( i dont really know if there is something like this in reality).

i guess there are very few pple who do their dream job, occassionaly one will hear of so and so who quit their very stable very desi very professional computer programming job to join film school. i think it takes guts. it takes even more guts to realize that when you actually find yourself doing your dream job you a. are not even that good it as you imagined you would be and that you would fit very nicely and everything you do would strike gold and then it doesnt b. that it actually wasn't really your dream and more of a whim.


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