Tuesday, December 23, 2008

aditya ne bana di kaisi movie

ok so i saw rab ne bana di jodi and lets just the storyline borders from downright stupid to implausible to just plain annoying. and in all honesty i thought the ending credits was the only good thing in the movie. i cant believe this is the same filmmaker who made dilwale dulhania le jayenge ( not my absolute favourite but sure after that movie a lot of girls thought they would meet their anjana koye on euro rail (i knew pple like this) and sure im also guilty of thinking that your guy will be a hero battling everyone for you - thanks to ddlj)

so the story is based on this simpleton who falls in love with his professor's daughter on her mehendi day or something. and in true filmy fashion, tragedy strikes, her to be groom dies and her father, on his dying bed, asks her to marry his favourite student, the simpleton. so far we can stomach. yes, i have sat through worse stuff. so i have a good amount of garbage hindi movie stamina. so, nothing new in here. this all happens within the first 10 mins - and im thinking good they didnt stretch the cliche, now we can get to the story. so then it starts where the simpleton tries to woo his wife (played by a newcomer), but he does not do it by being normal and just doing simple sweet romantic things that will make one fall in love with their husband but by get this - having a makeover (read tight clothes and highlighting hair) and behaving like a flirtatious bufoon. i know im not the only one who found the whole " taani pardner" irritating as hell. How in the world could she end up falling in love with a weirdo like that, its just beyond me. and when anyone with one fading blind eye can make out its the same guy just with a new hairstyle and clothes but HE is the same person. i also wonder how he managed to get the highlights out of his hair, in literally five mins. i need the fake raj's hairdresser. anyway so since this is a hindi movie and the heroines and villains in desi movies have collective iqs of -1, they cant see the obvious. so lets just take that a given. but, the end reaction just made me go a little mad, when she finds out that the bufoon and the simpleton are the same guy (ie shahrukh khan) she goes all lovey-dovey and is like omigod you love me so much, i nearly pulled out all my hair (ok gross exaggeration - but you get the drift). first of all if this ever happened ot me, i would be freaked out at my husband's split personality not be omigod you are so amazing.
you are just frickin scary.

but then again, thats just me.

my rating: 1/5 ( i would have given it 2 if it were, hmm..., some sidey hero...like that desh drohi guy (hahah ok mean) .but its shahrukh khan and aditya chopra..and they really should know better)


Friday, December 19, 2008

mein jahan rahoon. kahin bhi rahoon. yaad saath hai.

so im no intellectual. not even the pseudo-intellectual types. i like things which make sense and somehow make some connection with me. im loving maximum city by suketu mehta. i just started reading it, and each paragraph so far is like a gem in its own. what stands out for me so far: the epiphany that one has staring at oneself in the mirror but not really looking at yourself, one or perhaps two major life altering events ,that happen to everyone, and that will ultimately change what you become, forever. and my favourite jahan bhi jao, kitnei bhi dur, par ghum phir kei wohi pohch jaana. =)

getting back to the book. will return to blog some more.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

just keep on bouncing
so it snowed today, the first snowfall of the year. sitting on the 20th floor, right near the window. snow looks very much like white candyfloss. yep, i know thats random. i was itching to take a picture, espeically since i had my new camera in my bag - but i didnt since i didnt want to really attract attention and besides i dont know if im allowed to take pictures.
anyway, this year's sucky airline award goes to virgin atlantic. im handing out this award to them, before even flying with them. yes, im biased. so, ever since this whole chaos at work has started, im thinking that going for two weeks of vacation is not a good idea (god i miss those times where 2 weeks was considered short). especially when i want to ask for vacation in april. so i wanted to cut my trip short by a week, i feel sad already. anyway i call them and their automated system is a little funky, sometimes the only way to get someone human on the line pronto is to pretend you are flyign first class, sadly once you actually do get someone to talk to they quickly lose interest in you. anyway, so they connect me to at first guess, india, the support guy puts on this heavy american/british accent - god knows what it was. even though he knows im desi and speak in a very normal accent. i really dont get the whole pretending thing, in his defense his accent didnt slip once and remained this weird hybrid kind of thing. anyway they dont have too many routes and the only way i can get a cheap ticket in december if im willing to travel on dec 31st, jan 1st and dec 25th. and i cannot transfer the ticket to my relative, in case i dont want to use it. i dont understand why airlines care about who uses your ticket as long as they get their income it should be okay. but no that would mean being fair, and as of this second its not a fair world.
in other news, the latest scandal to hit the market is the Madoff Ponzi scandal. Here's a recap, super exclusive catered only to super rich people fund goes up in smokes, the returns the fund was supposedly generating was actually funded by new investements to the firm. I dont understand how people can do so much jhol and not feel guilty. Its unbelievable. Here is what I think, I could be totally wrong. As per what I have read. He says he acted alone, I highly doubt that 50 billion dollars is not a joke and theres no way you can pull off something like that so surreptitiously. This may signal the end of the hedge fund secrecy and frankly the end of the hedge fund era. No sane person will invest in anything that isnt transparent enough, just because its giving good returns. No sales person should be allowed to sell anything based on historical returns. More bailouts will happen, since everything is so connected, and jumbled up (lack ofbetter word). There isnt just one madoff around, there has to be some other ponzi schemes going on. I wont be surprised if someone else confesses, probably wont be as big of an amount but still high enough. People are going to start buying bigger mattresses to now store their money under. What a ridiculous time to be in banking. Its almost like a swear word.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

kabhi zindagi lagei bhari.

this week has been a terrible terrible week. it started out well and then it just went downhill like the stock market. i was out on monday celebrating eid at my sister's place. i come back on tuesday to the office. one side of the floor is occupied by my group and the other side is occupied by another group. I usually go through their floor to get to my seat and when I am passing by I see so much commotion and everyone is just standing around and people are exchanging numbers. Im like what IS going on? although, I do have an inkling. I log onto the before-it-happens-and-not-just-rumors website where people blog on who or which department is getting laid off. and sadly i see that a post has been posted that the heads are going to roll at my work place.

i still think nothing of it and become the worker bee that I am, buzzing around and doing my own thing trying to complete my work. we have a team meeting and its five of us in the meeting including my manager. after about 10 minutes my manager gets called out by a MD, after a minute he calls out one of my team members. they both dont come back and we finish off the meeting and when we come out. we convene again and our manager informs us that S has been let go. I think my first impression was pure astonishment and I was extremely stunned, you hear it, you read it, you watch it, you know it you know of friends who got laid off but this hits so close, people in your own team getting laid off - its very very sad. and frankly, it could be me next. The whole thing is making me feel very jittery. Plus it was done quite brutally and its quite embarassing to be called out from a team meeting and being let go. The whole day I didnt say anything,and was just in disbelief. uptil now its not sunk in. What shocked me most, was they weren't not a hard worker. They are smart individuals and its really really unfair.
You work hard, and the onus shouldnt fall on you a worker bee, when you never made those strategic business decisions.

I honestly dont understand corporate america, if someone resigns they have a two week notice. In those two weeks you can easily take away confidential information which is proprietary of the firm. Then, why do they behave so brutally when they have to fire you/lay you off, coz it really doesnt matter, if you are working for a firm you are privy to confidential stuff and you dont have to wait until you know you are getting fired to do so. and im not sure about other places but the protocol in banking is the pits you immediately have to go and speak to the HR person who is waiting for you grimly in some conference room, once you are told your severence pay etc you have to leave immediately take your few belongings and go. then the next few days, an assistant will pack up your stuff in a moving box and i really dont know what happens to all the stuff that one accumulates folders, papers etc. In fact you dont even get time to sort through your research. thats another thing that you arent thinking of research when you are geting laid off. and then thats it you turn in your badge and leave. by the end of the week, theres no trace of you having been there and after two weeks no one even remembers you existed. its a highly embarassing and sad moment. and for the past week, im really not feeling good from within. rumor has it that there will be another cut in jan, rumor also was that a bigger list was prepared to cut but at the last moment some pple got saved, rumor also is if the strategy goes everyone goes with it. the entire group. i just hope its all a rumor, although deep down i know theres no smoke when theres no fire.

im just hoping for the best. fingers double..triple..infinity crossed.


Monday, December 01, 2008


I am against terrorist attacks
I am against cruelty of any form - be it cruelty to mumbaikars, kashmiri pandits, kashmiri muslims, palestinians, israelis, iraqis. i condemn it.
I am against any religion changed to suit your own purpose
I am against nuclear warfarre, time, money, energy, resources spent making weapons to kill each other. I am against war.
I am against dirty politics - politicians who dont care that all you really want is to live a good life
I am against people who force their beliefs on you.
I am against the trend of becoming immune to violence and people saying "yeh to chal tei rei ta hai" - that is not ok.
I am against things that go opposite to your logic, your kindness.
I am not going to be played by politicians, religious facists who promote their own agenda.
I am not going to lose faith in people. Thanks to nameless employees/people/NSG/police at the hotels who put themselves in the line of fire.
I am for education.
I am against poverty.
I am for democracy.
I am muslim
I am indian
I am human


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