Monday, August 28, 2006

too much of a good thing, maybe a bad thing.

I have come to the great conclusion that i cant live with anyone anymore. Im part of this growing breed of people (i repeat people) who dont want the hassles of an extra person. Gone are the days where one would look forward to have a roomate and have the long conversations about everything and nothing in particular. Maybe its part of a growing trend but in my days (yea i can say that now) people would room with someone and from there their group woud grow, acquaintances would become friends etc. But now its very normal infact natural for a roommate to have their own life and precisely be that. Just a person you room with. Having had many bad experienes, i was still keen on a roommate. But fate had other plans. Now I cant stand having a roommate. I dont know if thats a good thing. My mom thinks its perfect im less stressed out and I dont have to tell her to keep it down if my roommate is around. Is the independant the ability to do anything you want, the hassle free instance of dealing with someone who differs from you in everything, are all these things setting u up for in fact to be a person who is impatient, cant adjust and feels easily annoyed.


Sunday, August 27, 2006

how to say no and mean it.

in a world where yes means no and nos mean yes. how do u let another person know that your no actualy does mean no. and that you seriously dont want to do what they are asking u to. how do you let them down without a. making them feel bad. b. feeling guilty c. giving a shit. why does it happen that when someone does a few things for you and the time they dont do one thing why do you get mad/upset at them. and why does it happen that when someone never does anything for you not even smile at you, the time they do one thing for you, you are grateful. is it a case of expectations versus no expectations? Can having no expectations actually be a good thing?


Saturday, August 26, 2006

pls shutup. pls. i beg u.

what is it about new york city and banks that make perfectly normal people jerks? i dont get it. can pple not see that their good fortune is great for them and really im happy for them. but pls dont go on and on about every single damn thing that has happend to you and pls dont whine about it every single god damn thing that has not gone your way. sometimes asking me how im doing is a great thing too. alrite perhaps u can whine to your friends but not if things are going good for you. anyways other news: i m very sad coz my favorite skirt tore, just like that, sure you can stitch it up but its never the same. more like relationships once the cracks appear its never a good sign, or perhaps when u have to start using concealer ure skin is never the same.


Friday, August 18, 2006

life's like that.

so currently the movie that everyones been dieing to watch is kabhi alvida na kehna. karan johar's latest. one of the things listed in my things to do before i die is to be one of the extras in some desi movie. well neway i havent really seen the movie yet but from what ive heard its awesome, lot of rubbish, socially damaging, very real etc. theres no huge consensus of the movie.

the movie basically tries to answer{ does everyone really have one soulmate that ure supposed to meet in this world. What happens if you never meet them? And if you do meet them how do u know its them. How do u know what it feels like to have a soulmate if u havent ever had one. And you cant really ever have more than one, coz then they wouldnt really be the sole mate.

Do people with criminal records have soulmates even? What exactly is a soulmate . In general people gravitate towards their own, they tend to marry their own- from their own geoghraphical region own country own religion own watever. So if there was really such a thing as soulmate wouldnt it transcend all that. So by that account, most pple arent married to their soulmate, so why do pple think and unrealistically think that there is really one person for you out there. i mean does it even matter. the chances of you finding them is even lower than winning the lottery. in reality, we make a decision on the emotion we feel at that point. its got nothign to do with soulmates its just about what feels right at that moment. and that emotion is fleeting u do not and even the most happiest of the happiest couples will agree that u cannot feel that emotion for a prolonged time. what u get in the end is the friendship.

on a different note though from my above paragraph. most pple think that lifes paths are already written. its our destiny. whatever happens, happens for a reason. to a certain degree i belive this. at the same time, i do think that our paths are already sketched out for us. and i mean paths. the paths are laid out but we choose one path, though we do have the options of other paths, and somewhere along that path we start writing over our already written destiny.


Saturday, August 05, 2006

There she goes..

This is the last day in my old apt. I guess Im way too senti for my own good. This place has been often a haven from many things, its seen me through the various ups and downs of the year. ive grown up so much in this year. sometimes i cant even believe its been a year. i just feel like i moved in yesterday. time does indeed fly. life has changed so dramatically over this year. The jubilations, the celebrations, the sorrows. It may be stupid to feel so much of an attachment to a non living thing. But there are somethings Im sure its true for a lot of pple, you wont throw out, like that shirt even though its got a much visible hole in it. its just about preserving those sentiments. and sometimes we arent able to coz obviously in my case i cant afford to buy this place and im not sure if id want to buy it either, i mean in the long run. and now that its so empty, walls bare (not that they were completely covered in the first place) but it just feels more so now. the moving boxes scattered around. it almost feels like the end of an era. hopefully the next tenant will love and appreciate this place as much as i did and still do.


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