Saturday, October 14, 2006

comme ci comme ca

this has been the week of firsts for me. it was the first time i flew back and forth from a place on the same day. never to be repeated again. i think the actual flying time is not the annoying part but all the hours that build up into taking that flight is a a pain. i m not sure what was up with security taht day. i spent like one hour waiting for the screening. the actual flying wasnt fun either i got sandwiched between two pple, one who for some reason got all hyper listening into the air traffic radio. i dont quite get united airways's logic behind having this "exclusive" feature. for some reason the trend nowadays is that pilots are becoming super chatty. u know ,i dont really care whether we are flying at 30,000 feet or 15,0000 feet. or like we are passing so n so. u know from up here it all looks the same. or when they tell u that going forward theree are chances of turbulence. in fact, id rather not know.

interview went off pretty ok, i think. i met a bunch of pple at the firm. i have noticed taht usually the older pple in the firm are pretty laidback and dont really want to corner u. but the younger ones who maybe interviewing someone else for the first time, for some reason want to get u. im not sure whats the rationale. perhaps they want to show that they are smarter than u. ull get thrown a lot of brain teasers and technical questions. interviewing is not so much about what you know its more like how you veer the conversation. its more about how energetic you are and how articulate. first impressions are everyting.

the other observation that may pple have had is interviewing with your own is not a good idea. if you have a desi interviewer you will be asked tough questions if ure desi, if your chinese its better not to interview with a chinese recruiter. i dont know how much if this is true. i havent really had that experience but i guess there are always pple who feel more competitive with their own "kind".

well neway the highlights: i got to eat in a posh restaurant. i spoke to many many pple with diffferent backgrounds and that jittery feeling of meeting new pple is improving majorly. im getting better at small talk. im getting more patient of pple asking me where is dubai. is it in saudi arabia? no more of those weird-did-u-just-say-that looks. i figure, since i didnt even know theres a state called utah, i shoudlnt be throwing stones at others. neway the other good thing i didnt spill anything on myself. or do anything too embarassing. the only thing which weirded me out was the amount of times i was asked if i need to use the bathroom, to the point where i didnt even need to use it but i still decided to go. no harm in looking at yourself in the mirror one more time.

hope i get an offer. fingers crossed.


Thursday, October 12, 2006

phir bhi hai khamoshi.

memories fade no matter how much you try to remember and all that remains is a blot of ink on a fading piece of paper.


sappy scene of the day. (yes im lame. this is one from one of my favourite movies: lakshya)

karan: romi, tum kabhi bore nahin hoti ( romi, dont u ever get bored)
romi: bore honei ka time kahan, duniyei mein itni baatein hai, itni cheezein hein, kay agar koi such wuch interested ho toh koi bore hi nahin ho sakta (wheres the time to get bored, theres so many things in the world, so many things to talk about, that if someone is really interested. you cant possibly get bored.)
karan: ure right. romi, tumharei jaisi larki mujhei kyun chahti hai. why do you love me? (romi, why does an (ambitious) girl like you like someone (confused )like me)
romi: apni tareef suna chahtei ho ( u want me to flatter you?)
romi: well, mainei aaj tak tum mein koi jhooti baat nahin dekhi. aur nahin tumharei moon sei koi cheap baat suni. mein isliyei tumhari respect karti hoon. i like that. (well, i think ure a genuine person and never heard u say anything disrespectful
karan : seriously.
romi: tum bahot achei insaan ho, and thats why i love you. ( ure a really nice person and thats why i love you)
karan: thanks....romi
romi: hmmm
karan: mein soch raha tha, kei tumbhi kuch buri nahin ho ( i was thinking, that your not so bad either)
romi: shutup karan.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

another drop in the ocean.

im not really happy about google's acquisition of youtube. my friend who works there is thrilled. im happy for her coz google stock price is well on its way to shooting up. but im sad coz there goes my freebie videos. thanks to google's great searching capabilities i will no longer be able to watch episodes of everybody loves raymond and seinfeld or allo allo for free. bah! no more free lunches. now that it comes with a hefty 1.6billion fee. thank god no one cares about desi movies yet. (yes, yet). it will be a while (i hope) before copyrighting is an issue there. but neway the good thing (since im all about looking at the bright side nowadays) the good thing from this is the insipiration one gets from the youtube guys. a very, in the founders own words ,"commensensical" idea turned into a big deal. add a bit of luck, expertise and ure good to go. and it took them only few hours to get the architecture stuff figured out. imagine that. benefits totally outweighed the risks. (mad risk managment class aftermath kicking in )
so in a pseudo-deep-conversation with my best friend we decided after a few years we are going to start our own business using a commensensical idea. the hard part is what though. we're thinking karaoke stuff. the abilitiy to use the web able to find any song u want and sing over it. its the age of american and indian idols after all.


type a personality.

a friend of mine thinks that i have type a personality. the personality that frets and fumes and ends with conversations that border around "why does this happen to me always". but its true. it does. haha. i got kicked off my wireless network when im in an important group meeting and we have a deadline to meet. and now have to wait 45 full days before the royal highnesses of the computing group of my school regrant me priviledges. it is my fault, i know. laptop has a major virus. but still why does it happen to me.
or another example. when i know everyone (and i mean everyone) is gushing over my super sleek mouse(yea the techno kind and yea we are that geeky). i know in my head that something is going to happen to that mouse. its been missing for twodays and i have no clue where it could be.

all that is now to change.

after having survived not being picked for the presentation of the mad risk managment project. we had people praying and i mean real praying not to get picked. i had my own silent prayer to God. and thankfully it didnt happen to me like always. otherwise this paragraph would be in the above. i actually started shivering after the teams were picked. and since we are quite a closely knitted group we had a consenus on not asking the group presenting any questions that may resort to mumbling and embarassment for you and for them . also we were to clap loudly when the team was done. no fancy presentations. we are keeping the bar low intentionally. i figure, if we all suck, we cant all fail right? i love it when things are graded on a curve.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dearest God,

Thank you so much!

P.S pls forgive me for all my previous whining and whining that has yet to come.


Saturday, October 07, 2006

dil hai ke manta nahin..

one of my fave lines(or something like that) in this movie is when aamir khan and pooja bhatt are talking and he goes: jiskei tum peechei bhag rahee ho, kuchi dhin me wussei peecha churaogee. yeh hi hai problem tum loghon ki. pata nahin kya chahtei ho. Bas ghoom tei raho gol gol.

and then she goes, kya tumhei pata hai tumhei kya chahiyei.

he has no answer, he just gives her a wry smile...

should we always trust our heart, does it always know the right answer? are first impressions actually your heart's decisions? should they too be taken seriously? pple often say that one should always trust their gut insticnt. i never understand this. why does ure gut or rather heart know things which ure brain or even another person's brain wouldnt know.


moral of the day.

sometimes stupid conversations on IM with friends can lead to some very true thoughts.

In life we spend most of the time doing things we hate to eventually do things we love. Finally we reach that point and we realize we dont really love that neway..


Friday, October 06, 2006

looking at the silver lining..

duniya mein sau dukh hai. sau khatam huey, hazaar ikhata hogaye.

so why bother?


why in God's name will anyone remember what is the derivative of x^x. WTH. wat kind of stupid question is that. how does knowing that indicate a. how well i would do my job or b. how hardworking i am c. how well i work in a team or d. how much i know about so and so or or even fine e. how intelligent i am. will knowing that help any of the above?


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

how lo can u go?

todays wsj had a small article on an executive from eton park fund moving back to morgan stanley( he was once employed there). Considering the roller coaster hedge funds have been on, its quite a strategic move for the said above executive. eton's ceo said, in a nutshell, that he came he fixed and now hes gone. very tactful. that being said, i wonder how important is loyalty when it comes to business. how important is ethics. when one goes back or shifts to another firm, one brings with them ( depending on the position) a wealth of knowledge about the previous firms, the details of projects and investments they are involved in, but you also bring with you the relationships cultivated (i.e the clients aka moolah).

back in dubai, pple would pay a truckload of money to the relationship manager, not because of their intelligence or perhaps how quantitative they are or even how quick they are but more coz of the relationships they will bring with them. some pple refuse to be persuaded by the lure of the money and some not. im not saying either of the positions are to be judged. but its the norm and needless to say ure popularity is ure salary determinant.

so how important is ethics. after an interview today bunch of pple asked me so how was it? some even hinting the standard" behavioral or technical "but some more ambitious types "hint" even more :"so like what question did they ask u." mostly pple who rarely talk to me ask me the second. so is telling the person unethical (not to mention detrimental for your own chances). is asking the person unethical? or is it really no big deal. everyone does it. so why not u. u after all dont want to be left behind. and is the its not what you answer but the way you answer it actually true. and then another classmate mentioning how she absolutely hated the culture and people at the previous firm, is it ethical to tell that to an interviewer? and given that a person has a bad experience with a firm does it not make them prone to "spilling the beans". even the choice of words wsj uses: morg stan 'snags' former executive. 'snags' doesnt really give a good warm fuzzy feeling.

so is it really that big of a deal. is having the highest amount of ethics detrimental to you. where do u draw the line. or is there no such thing as being "ethical" and simply as my dad says its all about the survival of the fittest.


Sunday, October 01, 2006

Yeh Honsla

manzil mushkil toh kya...
tanha yei dil toh kya

raahein pei kaatein bhikrei agar
wus pei toh phir bhi chalna bhi hai
shyam chupa lei suraj magar
raat ko ek din dhalna hi hai

rut yei dhal jayegi
himmat rang layegi
subah phir ayegi

yei honsla kaisei jukei
yei arzoo kaisei rukei
apni khuda sei hei yei dua
manzil laga lei humko galei
jhoorat sau bar rahei
uncha ikrar rahei
zinda har pyar rahei

- From movie 'Dor' lyrics my Mir Ali Hussain

I adore this song! The lyrics may be(read: are) a little off. i couldnt understand every word. Translation of the lyrics will follow. The guys who sang it Shafqat Khan and Salim Merchant are awesome. i especially love the last line "zinda har pyar rahei". loosely translated 'every love should live on'. (something like that) .I wish and hope that for myself and for everyone else.


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