Saturday, October 07, 2006

dil hai ke manta nahin..

one of my fave lines(or something like that) in this movie is when aamir khan and pooja bhatt are talking and he goes: jiskei tum peechei bhag rahee ho, kuchi dhin me wussei peecha churaogee. yeh hi hai problem tum loghon ki. pata nahin kya chahtei ho. Bas ghoom tei raho gol gol.

and then she goes, kya tumhei pata hai tumhei kya chahiyei.

he has no answer, he just gives her a wry smile...

should we always trust our heart, does it always know the right answer? are first impressions actually your heart's decisions? should they too be taken seriously? pple often say that one should always trust their gut insticnt. i never understand this. why does ure gut or rather heart know things which ure brain or even another person's brain wouldnt know.


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