Wednesday, January 12, 2011

so, this was round 2 of the snow disaster that happened in the city during christmas break. i was so hoping for a snow day, hell i even slept at 12 (late for me nowadays) and woke up at 5 am to check work email for a sign (read email) from anyone who had the authority to say work from home ( read: wear pjs and laze away in bed while watching bad daytime tv).

i so miss daytime tv. the no nonsensness (!) of judge judy, the annoying women trying to talk all at once on the View, the hunger inducing cooking shows leading to overeating. oh and ofcourse oprah.

speaking of oprah, it totally pays to be an oprah fan. apparently 300 of her fans got an all paid trip to australia with john travolta thrown in as the pilot. (that may be the only downside of the trip). but anyways knowing my luck even if i had invested a gazillion hours of my life watching oprah, i probably would never have won anything anyway. i recently entered a contest for writers, with the lalaj of getting an ipad. yes, the inbetween of a laptop and a phone. i was completely bowled away by the cuteness of the keyboard (the add on devices that make it into a laptop).anyways of a grand total of get this, 53, i manage to win NOTHING. Nearly 30 people or so won something or the other, but me nope. ok wait i take that back, i have won a bingo contest in ooty (read two fat ladies 88), playing against 5-10 year olds. im glad to say my attention span is a little bit better.

ok so this was a bit of a random post, but thats ok its good to be random once in a while.


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