Friday, August 15, 2008

"know when to walk..know when to walk..know when to walk..away"

haven't blogged in eons. been super busy at work..but not the good kind of busy..working is just hard..and the more i htink about it..the more convinced i get that i should have my own business..i should be the boss of me. i should be able to get to work whenever i want to..i should be able to not be scared to fall and screw up..the thing is everyone, including me, is loooking for a quick fix. something which will require least amount of effort, and maximum reward. i dont think such a thing exists. it only exists if you truly madly deeply love your work and dont realize its actually "effort". many of these thoughts mainly arise when i have to make solid decisions. deciding whether moving bcak to dxb is not something i want to do for the next two years. so going ahead with the permanent residency application, and staying with the firm for a while (not that i would think of jumping ship - since i do like my manager, my work and the pple too). and im really grateful to God that He has been so kind to me. despite all this, there is a certain restlessness that one feels when one has to make immediate decisions that will impact your future. so how do you know? how do you know when you are making the right decision? and why are there so many decisions to make?


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