Tuesday, December 29, 2009

top 10 ways to forget you just went on vacation.

1. log into your work email. at 4 am.
2. crib to self that its the effects of jetlag, never mind the time difference is only an hour.
3. watch your tv playlist, resume play
4. pick a fight. with anyone.
5. upload only your fat pictures.
6. unpack the first second you land home
7. look at bank statement. faint. wake up again. then faint
8. try leaving a msg for yourself at work, wishing yourself a highly productive day tommorow. get the voicemail. its full. try calling again.
9. dont ask anyone about their upcoming holiday. in fact change your status msg to i hate you all holidaygoers
10. plan your next vacation

in all earnest though, it is 4;33 am and i am unreasonably jetlagged. so i went to usvi this long weekend. heres the rating. beach person paradisometer? 9/10 scenic viewometer? 9/10 stress freeomater? 10/10... food lovers paradisometer 2/10 ( i really can and should open a restaurant there)..eyecandy ometer 1/10...i-cant-believe-this-is-part-of-the-us-ometer 9/10 (its so rundown in parts it shocks you)..i guess i could live there, if i wanted a really laidback lifestyle, really loved the beach and wanted to live in beach wear my whole life or if i just plainly wanted to laugh at tourists who will believe anything and shell out as much as 20 bucks for a burger and fries. yep, i could do that.


Monday, December 14, 2009

cause my dreams are bursting at the seams

so my favouritest couple in gossip girl like all of the teeny boppy teenager population is blair and chuck. after watching today's episode where he starts to push her away, while she does the whole i know you are better than this... im like crap, why do tv writers intentionally breakup couples who are just so perfect and so meant to be. i guess there is something, something romantic about being starcrossed lovers. its hard to say even what that means. does it mean, that your paths keep crossing, sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally and despite the odds, despite your stars not aligning you gravitate towards each other and make it work. its literally either do or die. and i guess the romance is in the process and not so much the destination.

i guess my major beef nowadays is with movies taking away the dreaminess factor. i saw up in the air recently, and most of my friends liked it for the reality factor. the protagonist had a really slow growth graph and thats the reality, we have very few and far epiphanies. anyway,i didn't like it much, i felt it was a pointless movie and i would much rather preferred watching a cliched ending, proving to me that all is good at least in celluloid world.

unfortunetly i do forget, its the end of the era of dreamers like me.


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

tu yei jaane..ya na jaane..humko pata hai huzoor

i wonder about your confusion
as i wonder about mine too

is the confusion
an avoidance
of the harsh truth

is the confusion
your kindness
your not wanting to hurt

is the confusion
a trait of our

is the confusion
not a confusion
but a baseless fear

is the confusion
your coldness
my unanswered questions
my pushing
your helplessness

is the confusion
between being just best friends
between being lovers

i dont know.


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