Tuesday, December 29, 2009

top 10 ways to forget you just went on vacation.

1. log into your work email. at 4 am.
2. crib to self that its the effects of jetlag, never mind the time difference is only an hour.
3. watch your tv playlist, resume play
4. pick a fight. with anyone.
5. upload only your fat pictures.
6. unpack the first second you land home
7. look at bank statement. faint. wake up again. then faint
8. try leaving a msg for yourself at work, wishing yourself a highly productive day tommorow. get the voicemail. its full. try calling again.
9. dont ask anyone about their upcoming holiday. in fact change your status msg to i hate you all holidaygoers
10. plan your next vacation

in all earnest though, it is 4;33 am and i am unreasonably jetlagged. so i went to usvi this long weekend. heres the rating. beach person paradisometer? 9/10 scenic viewometer? 9/10 stress freeomater? 10/10... food lovers paradisometer 2/10 ( i really can and should open a restaurant there)..eyecandy ometer 1/10...i-cant-believe-this-is-part-of-the-us-ometer 9/10 (its so rundown in parts it shocks you)..i guess i could live there, if i wanted a really laidback lifestyle, really loved the beach and wanted to live in beach wear my whole life or if i just plainly wanted to laugh at tourists who will believe anything and shell out as much as 20 bucks for a burger and fries. yep, i could do that.


Ace 4:59 AM  

First day back at work put in extra hours


Come back from a long vacation and sift through 200 unread mails. By 101 u r like what vacation,why vacation.

Additions to the list. :)

pi,  8:38 AM  

haha im always kiskofying early the first day back.

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