Sunday, September 27, 2009

itch in my brain.

you feel
you may know all the answers
you probably do, deep down
even if you think, you dont.
but, you live in confusion
that is your nature.

you are being honest
but are you being so
because thats the goodness in you
or because you
think you have nothing to lose

you think you have the authority to judge
you have an air about yourself that i cant understand
you have surrounded yourself with you so much
that you can't see your crap anymore

you dont say anything
when others say a million things
you smile and adjust
you are told what you should do
and you believe it
that is your nature .


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

kabhi dil ke kareeb..tumhe mere naseeb

i hesitate
you hesitate
we don't know
what to say
we try not to
spoil the moment
we try to
preserve the moment

we feel fear
we feel excitement
we feel scared
we feel happy
we think of
the future
we talk of it
as we
we talk of it
as a given

we talk
knowing fully well
that this we that we've created
may never
get past the present


Monday, September 07, 2009

Khamaka bewaja......khwaab buntha raha [Simply, for no reason... I dream]

when you know you are not in new york city
s: its really close
me: how close is close?
s: 20 minutes by car
me: 0_o

when you know you are going back to new york city
me fumbling around with my book, ipod, glasses, cellphone, basically all my gadgets leaning over to place them on an empty seat on the plane, so i can get a grip on myself.
some lady: thats my seat
some guy: yea i thought she was sitting behind
some lady giving me dirty looks
me: im so sorry just trying to sort myself out
some lady STILL giving me dirty looks

when you know you are in new york city
bus ticket seller: did i see you last week on delta terminal
some lady: yea i travel a lot
bus ticket seller: i know same faces, same faces
does anyone need any tickets?


bus ticket seller: alrite then, have a great day. i love you all.

me: 0_o


Thursday, September 03, 2009

torei bigei sei torei num hai hum..kal sei soyei huei kam hai hum.

she was 18
she shared her notes with him in class
she competed with him in every grade
he got in to medical school she didnt

she was 20
he helped her on her homework every week
she made sure she went when he was at the lab
he did not know her name

she was 22
she was not interested, he was, then she was
they knew it was a mistake
and they waited for the threads to break away
they did

she was 24
she did not know him, he did not know her
she liked his gruff but comforting voice
he liked her lopsided grins
they took the risk

she was 72
she felt alone for the first time in 48 years
it was her last birthday.


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

woh tum wali feeling

we were strangers
we became
we can say
that we progressed
to being facebook friends
then we evolved into
friends who message
each other everyday
friends who call
each other everyday
its hard to say
when and at which point
we ceased to be friends


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