Thursday, September 03, 2009

torei bigei sei torei num hai hum..kal sei soyei huei kam hai hum.

she was 18
she shared her notes with him in class
she competed with him in every grade
he got in to medical school she didnt

she was 20
he helped her on her homework every week
she made sure she went when he was at the lab
he did not know her name

she was 22
she was not interested, he was, then she was
they knew it was a mistake
and they waited for the threads to break away
they did

she was 24
she did not know him, he did not know her
she liked his gruff but comforting voice
he liked her lopsided grins
they took the risk

she was 72
she felt alone for the first time in 48 years
it was her last birthday.


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