Monday, September 07, 2009

Khamaka bewaja......khwaab buntha raha [Simply, for no reason... I dream]

when you know you are not in new york city
s: its really close
me: how close is close?
s: 20 minutes by car
me: 0_o

when you know you are going back to new york city
me fumbling around with my book, ipod, glasses, cellphone, basically all my gadgets leaning over to place them on an empty seat on the plane, so i can get a grip on myself.
some lady: thats my seat
some guy: yea i thought she was sitting behind
some lady giving me dirty looks
me: im so sorry just trying to sort myself out
some lady STILL giving me dirty looks

when you know you are in new york city
bus ticket seller: did i see you last week on delta terminal
some lady: yea i travel a lot
bus ticket seller: i know same faces, same faces
does anyone need any tickets?


bus ticket seller: alrite then, have a great day. i love you all.

me: 0_o


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