Thursday, June 25, 2009

MJ, rip.

at the chinese deli (again) , this time at a respectable time. reason of visit, severe craving of pocky chocolate dips. sort of like nutella.

anyway, the chinese grocer has become my 2 minute news byte guy. not only does he give me pertinent information about the economy in those 2 minutes, he also helps me identify whether the yellow fruit in container is mango and not peach.

cc : did you hear about michael jackson
me: no, what happened.
cc: he died today
me: what! no dont tell me when did this news come out. *i need to get a blackberry/iphone. when iphones become a free phone then i will succub and laugh at all the losers who shelled out full price*
cc: some hours ago
me: what happened?
cc: heart attack
me: where did he die in bahrain? (presuming cc knew where bahrain is)
cc: (apparently he does) no in LA
me: daym. thats sad.
cc: yea, even the rich cannot escape death
me: yea, the only certainity of life is death.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

love mera hit kar phir aisi kit pit

so the thing with parents visiting, you can never really gauge their definition of 'fun'. i mean you think certain things will be fun for parents. i.e a broadway show. its not. its all opera music. you picked the wrong broadway. phantom of the opera.

or you think lunch near the river where yachts are docked will be scenic in crowded manhattan. turns out they are serving hard core amrikan food. and not the good kind. and its raining. so again flop idea.. even desi food cant save the day when the odds are against you. i took my mom to this gujurati place downtown, and as a hardcore non vegetarian this isnt exactly my choice, bu i know my mom likes it. but i have eaten at that place before and its pretty unique compared to the rest of the desi places in new york. but we were super tired and after their dozen appetizers (yea each different form the other), we were beat and couldnt eat anymore. i am a big fan of chole baturei but couldnt finish one mini batura what i had built up all day turned out to be a total flop coz my mom was in jet lag mode and nearly fell asleep on the dinner table. but what made my day was the server who was from turkmenistan ( in my head i was like who where? - i have become the cliched american - only im not american), so she goes i have a kind face and kind way of talking and i look like her cousin. that really zapped me and made me very happy. my mom now thinks im like my dad - bas bolnei ki der hai, and hawa mein urtei hai hum.

anyhoo, i went to a netowrking event last week with a couple of friends. me and my friend and her husband. me and my friend sooo lack the normal casual cool networking gene, we sound enforced and frankly im usually having an out of body experience where im going to myself "stupid stupid stop talking" . or on the other hand weird awkard silence are usually teppered with my thoughts on the lines of "stupid stupid say something". so anyway i didnt have any agenda as such, but i thought it would be good to talk to some new people. so, i spoke to a guy who works in a hedge fund but looks like he works for google. (ie think rolled out of bed and came to work). i was also surprised to know that he works on the trading floor, not to be mean or anything, just being brutally honest ,nerdy geeky people on the trading floor are kept well away from clients (anyone read liars poker) , unless your group is intentionally geeky nerdy and in that case you are the prized posession. but mostly its the latter. this is done since you are unkempt (ie not presentable), you prefer it this way,in fact i hve a friend who is like i wish i could just go my whole life not speaking to any client. my friend is a director at an investment bank. so anyway there was someone who worked for electric company, and i was like what-what my dumb desi blonde gene kicking in (no offence to real blondes) anyway apparently having an electric meter where you read your own meter and know exactly what is using what is damn expensive. its a good idea though. apparently now working in energy companies is cool.

in other random news i was watching obama's group discussion today. the program name, prescription something of that sorts. it was really interesting actually for someone who is a pseudo-medico. by that i mean someone in your family is a doctor such that you think you never need to see a doctor since you can self treat yourself. doesnt matter that your own family who are doctors, go to see other doctors. yes, i belong to that breed. anyway, so apparently getting a medical degree here is super expensive and you can rack up something like 300K in tuition. and there was an interesting point made by atul gawande in one of his books where he mentions the average time to recover the tuition costs for a medico is far greater than the time for say someone in finance. and in order to repay your costs quickly, you end up super specializing -coz thats where the money is. and there in lies the crux of the matter, too many specialists and too few gps. so too many unnecessary costs. and very little prevention.

maybe they should lax the the US entrance exams for gps. every desi doctor will then jump ship. and that will blow up the healthcare sector and at that point i will be shorting it.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

baat meri suniye tau zara.

its exactly 12 am. my mom is going to be here tommorow (yay). the downside is that means my apartment has to be super clean in 6 hours. considering how tiny my studio is, i should be done in 3. correct?

hell no, when your mom is visiting its not equivalent to friends dropping by - this requires deep cleaning. shit, i feel like im in undergrad now where im scrambling to tidy my room, during random hall checks. i cant remember on whose blog but i did read this list of things you should not be doing if you are over 25. needless to say im doing pretty much everything on the pre25 list. well mostly anyway. anyway, one of them is not living in a dump/hell hole.

ok i exaggerate, its not really really a hellhole but its not one of those typical girly flowery smelling appartments (well not yet anyway). which reminds me i have to get flowers. all hail 24 hour deliveries that are stocked with lilies. most of the time my appartment smells of practically nothing. and its never dirt but like junk and usually stacks and stacks of papers, thanks to my packrat attitude where i lug around everything that i have possibly owned in these last 4 years. plus my whole what if i need this one day, i have stacks of research papers some that i have never read and probably will never read but i just keep them for 'just in case'. just in case i read them. in fact, i have drawers of 'just in case' stuff and i just thrashed quite a bit of stuff. so now i have no stress balls to squeeze just in case i have a meltdown.

i have this phobia that i will throw out something super important so i become a collector of everything from a ticket stub to a free massage coupon dated eons ago, which i will never use and can't use now since its expired. once in a while, i need an intervention (ie mom visits - friends coming over - depending on the type of friend and their length of stay- requires anything from the range of doing nothing to a little facelift. but when its moms then you really need to go at it. there is nothing like the feeling of your mom walking into your appartment and going "dil khush hogaya dekh kar". hahahahah. but the best best thing is when my sibling visits, she completely waxes out my bathroom tub such that i feel like i moved in yesterday. my brother in law changes the lightbulbs, fixes the clogging in bathroom, and changes my watch clocks, which are always an hour ahead or behind, thanks to stupid daylight savings. the perks of having family, i tell you.

anyway have to get back to cleaning the fridge. i cant wait for my mom to be here.

have a great weekend everyone.


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