Thursday, June 11, 2009

baat meri suniye tau zara.

its exactly 12 am. my mom is going to be here tommorow (yay). the downside is that means my apartment has to be super clean in 6 hours. considering how tiny my studio is, i should be done in 3. correct?

hell no, when your mom is visiting its not equivalent to friends dropping by - this requires deep cleaning. shit, i feel like im in undergrad now where im scrambling to tidy my room, during random hall checks. i cant remember on whose blog but i did read this list of things you should not be doing if you are over 25. needless to say im doing pretty much everything on the pre25 list. well mostly anyway. anyway, one of them is not living in a dump/hell hole.

ok i exaggerate, its not really really a hellhole but its not one of those typical girly flowery smelling appartments (well not yet anyway). which reminds me i have to get flowers. all hail 24 hour deliveries that are stocked with lilies. most of the time my appartment smells of practically nothing. and its never dirt but like junk and usually stacks and stacks of papers, thanks to my packrat attitude where i lug around everything that i have possibly owned in these last 4 years. plus my whole what if i need this one day, i have stacks of research papers some that i have never read and probably will never read but i just keep them for 'just in case'. just in case i read them. in fact, i have drawers of 'just in case' stuff and i just thrashed quite a bit of stuff. so now i have no stress balls to squeeze just in case i have a meltdown.

i have this phobia that i will throw out something super important so i become a collector of everything from a ticket stub to a free massage coupon dated eons ago, which i will never use and can't use now since its expired. once in a while, i need an intervention (ie mom visits - friends coming over - depending on the type of friend and their length of stay- requires anything from the range of doing nothing to a little facelift. but when its moms then you really need to go at it. there is nothing like the feeling of your mom walking into your appartment and going "dil khush hogaya dekh kar". hahahahah. but the best best thing is when my sibling visits, she completely waxes out my bathroom tub such that i feel like i moved in yesterday. my brother in law changes the lightbulbs, fixes the clogging in bathroom, and changes my watch clocks, which are always an hour ahead or behind, thanks to stupid daylight savings. the perks of having family, i tell you.

anyway have to get back to cleaning the fridge. i cant wait for my mom to be here.

have a great weekend everyone.


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