Saturday, May 30, 2009

yunhi chala chal

i just realized how my life in new york posts have upstaged my life in dubai posts. and i just realized technically its been 9 years since i first came to US as an undergrad. ok i haven't been here for all of those 9 years, minus two years, if i really had to be precise. 7 years, still a long time. somehow it still doesn't feel like home. it just feels like i'm waiting for my next move, which i honestly don't know where it will be. perhaps san francisco, perhaps sydney, perhaps frankfurt, perhaps mumbai.

despite all that, i think perhaps ill still find my way back to dubai. something in me tells me that. only i just don't want it to be right now, coz i feel that would be my last destination. and i would be completely relunctant to move. perhaps i feel like this here since i don't stay in a city for too long, moving for undergrad, grad, work. i might end up the longest in new york but it still doesn't feel like home home. speaking to some relatives who will be naturalized in a year or so, i asked would you surrender your indian passport? without a moment's hesitation they wer elike yes, and hadn't even given any thought to it before i brought it up. i guess i envy them in a way since they have decided for themselves what is home.


Inam 9:52 PM  

As the old adage says, "Home is where the heart is." It's compromises that take us places.

My soul still strolls in the lanes of Lucknow! I'm not sure whether I would go back finally. And that's life!

life of pi 10:39 AM  

so true inam, so true. sometimes i think even if i were to go back, ive changed so much and so has Dubai and i dont know if it will be the same. My parent and my aunt still live in Dubai, so so far my heart is still there.

Tazeen 12:43 PM  

isn't a little uncertainity good?

life of pi 7:25 PM  

tazeen a little uncertainity is definetly good but only for a certain period of time. i think. =)

Ace 9:01 PM  

9 years. You have been wandering quite some time.

Enjoy your travels. The man/woman who has not travelled has not lived.

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