Thursday, January 21, 2010

koye tau rokei...koye tau umr mein ab... kahogei dokei...darr lagta hai ishq karnei mein bhi..

so, i havent blogged in a while. and many a times, ill think of something and be like i have to blog this but i forget. so anyway, i cant remember what im supposed to blog about, so ill blog about three idiots. i saw it with h last weekend. my verdict would be a 6/10. which is good. but not super good, considering the hype and the ridiculous amount of money its made.

so the good,i dont think i have seen an intelligent, coherent, non annoying, non wannabee, college campus hindi movie in a long time. in fact, i dont think i have ever seen one. so this movie really raises the bar in that front. so the actors, firstly madhavan, who i think is normally very cute, much to h's annoyance, has put on a hell lot of weight, making him look a little like the pot belly uncle types and making the college student gig a little unbelievable. anyway he plays the forced-by-parents-engineer. which i kind of got. in fact so much, that i kept saying to myself, so true. soo soo true.

then there was aamir khan's character, who is super passionate about engineering. even though his character is this supposedly humble, down to earth, happy go lucky guy, he really comes across as smug. then there's sharman joshi who likes engineering but who is so scared to fail, that he fails anyway. i really liked the whole sharman joshi tragic family angle, the whole eczema scene cracked me up. kareena kapoor played her role sincerely and her bit part helped in keeping her annoyingness at bay. just the last scene of her leaving her shaadi ka mandap is just plain dumb, and cliched as always. i never understand why hindi movies wait till the very anth moment for the guy/girl to proclaim their love or actually say something.[read: dil chahta hai, love aaj kal, dil hai ke manta nahin, life in a metro...the list is endless] in fact this has totally screwed with pples' heads, where pple will unreasonably expect this to happen in reality too. in reality, this never ever happens.

anyway, the guy who played chattur, silencer did a great job. though the character seems exaggerated, i actually knew pple like this.

i guess the whole msg of the movie is finding your passion, and giving it your all. but how about those who don't know what they want. and who aren't passionate about what they do, but don't particularly hate it either. more importantly, those who dont know what their passion is..whats their solution, the movie doesn't answer that?
what about those, who are at the same time so lost that one doesn't know what interests them. or the case where everything interests you, but doesn't hold your interest for long. im so guilty of this it shocks me how shallow i can be sometimes. i will watch an episode of grey's anatomy and want to be a doctor. i will call my sister and demand her to become a neurosurgeon until she hangs up on me in frustration. then i started watching nbc's new drama, deep end,(the show is not that great) today and now i want to be a lawyer.

luckily, i find american idol to be a big bore, or i would be taking voice modulation classes now, or worse auditioning for that show. i guess there is still some possibility once xfactor gets underway.
so i shouldn't say never. ever.


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