Saturday, March 20, 2010

je crois que c'etait mon idee

anyways its been a long long time since i blogged and i promised myself i would not abandon my blog no matter how uneventful/eventful my life gets. so here goes ,couple of randomn thoughts, i will try to ignore the fact that i actually blog when im a. supremely bored b. have nothing better to do, oh wait thats a. again. c. have to study and don't feel like it.

so anyway today i was studying at barnes and nobles for a long time. the first hour was spent reading michael lewis's new book, the big short. so far im giving it a B, i mean its a lot of subprime mess started eons ago, subprime mess bad, etc etc but noone really is explaining where exactly in the math things went wrong. and i hoped this book would shed some light. but anyway im just a quarter done so im hoping itll answer some questions. so i read that, got a mild headache, not coz of the book, just in general so i went downstairs to the starbucks area thinking crap i have to actually order coffee related stuff which i dont drink, yes yes i know they have food. so i notice these two chairs and i sit on one of them, placing my books on my lap trying to study. after 2 minutes or so, an elderly man im guessing 50 maybe comes over sits there and proceeds to just stare at everyone. just stare. i glance up at him from time to time and ok im not proud to say this but it really felt like one of those people who go crazy one day and start shooting randomnly in a public arena. im sure there is a word for this some kind of weird profiling. but anyway i did feel like that. i got up after a while and found a desk to sit at. this guy finally moves goes to the men's "interest" section and ogling at weird magazines. then walks away. im still very uncomfortable, i guess my question today is when someone does something to you that crosses into discomfort zone you have every reason to a. punch them in the face or b. complain to someone who will but how about those who you just have an inkling about and where you don't know for sure. but your gut tells you that. should you trust that? just coz pple say one should follow their gut. or is your gut so influenced by mainstream media anyway and anyone different is programmed to be regarded with suspicion? unfairly, meanly and just plain plain plain wrongly.


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