Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kill the messenger

I'm seriously hating this week well for one there's been more of the double dip feeling going on and that  the world is going to the dogs. It's hard to make money now with the internet basically my theory is the faster news travels the fewer the arbitrage opportunities. So my suggestion is cut out all the news channels. Right theres my alph strategy right there.
Anyways so this week sucks for that and of course lest i forget to mention how pple literally don't care at work, showing up all dressed up for interviews, yes interviews at other firms . Dude show some discretion, really. i feel like the last of the Mohicans or the last man standing or whatever the equivalent of that is - you get my drift. I want to say I'm the equivalent to a loyal munshi in the Akbar era but that's just euphemism for I'm scared as hell to interview. And of course to answer the age old question of how much bullshit is reaalllly there in me. Apparently not a whole lot.
Between juggling exams ( I hate you so much ), pls God help me. And getting dumped with thrice amt of work thanks to pple leaving getting fired ( I miss my lunch time of reading bollywood news gossip ie my 10 minute of me time ). Coupled with trying to find a possible date, aggreable to everyone , to get married and to finally live in the same city without killing each other.

Life is involving way too much juggling. If I stop decide to close my books, decide to quit work and then elope. I'll probably fail become illegal and my mom will disown me. But would I be happier ( insert alternative rock music) ?
Most definetly not .


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