Thursday, March 29, 2007

finding a decent cheap appartment is a next to impossible feat. there is no such thing as a good deal in nyc. however, there is something called a good bad deal, which on completion should make you somewhat happy.

there is one thing i have noticed. hardly any desis will live in manhattan. and yes, they CAN afford it. but they dont. perhaps, they are smart and they know they should NOT be paying an arm and a leg (add a few toes from your other leg for good measure) just so they can sleep a few more mins. that too for a 100 year old pigeon hole (not even a new pigeon hole). and im not kidding about the 100 year old building. they renovate it a little, add an elevator to the building a doorman and that automatically bumps the price to a thousand bucks (in USD much more). but instead if you have a five story walk up (ie only stairs) and your apt is on the 5th floor, you can easily end up with a fit body and a fat pocket. (i.e minus a 1000 bucks) after a few days you learn fast and you realize the almost too good to be true deal is truly too good to be true.
newport in new jersey city seems to be the haven for asians. every second person is a desi, goras are in the minority. really, no jokes. but it makes sense, big appartments, view of the manhattan skyline, a mall near the complex, a gym, desi stores and restaurants, a blockbuster kind of thing (movie store). what more do you need, really?

neway, if you really want to move into a decent place in manhtatan which is in a more commutable area i.e near the trains. you have to go to a broker. they control the whole real estate market. im not sure how it works for a 2 bedroom apt, but for a studio if someone tells you they found a decent place without a broker near transportation, they are either lieing or have been lied to.
theres more, the tricky part is that i dont mean any broker. its tough enough that you are paying someone your other leg for doing nothing (well a five minute search on a database, really), but paying someone and not having the job done is worse. so the kind of broker you get is impt. the firm that the broker works for is impt. there are perhaps more than 50,000 brokers in the city. and you know how the broker will tell you that if you don't sign the lease now, the apt will be leased out. and usually its just a tactic. but in new york, this is actually true. getting an apt near transportation is like a trading game, sometimes its the quickest one who gets the apt and sometimes its the highest bidder. initially a broker will call you a zillion times and once they get their deposit, the roles reverse immediately. and like bombay everyone is out to make a quick buck, so read everything before you sign twice and keep a copy with u.

some days ago, we had gone to see an apt listed on craigslist which seemed too good to be true. many of the times pple will list their apts and leave out relevant information : lease term/etc. this ad actually had a picture of the apt, in a high rise building, with a doorman and elevator. and it was opposite the lcoal supermarket. so we called the broker and hounded him for an appointment. when we got there, the broker was this recent graduate been on the job 3 months ago.
and as one should know, every work place works like a hens pecking order. the newest hire has to rent out the shittiest apts. i.e gets the tasks that no one wants to do.
so wat was the catch? the studio was furnished.
at first i was like great, it has to be classy stuff considering it was a classy building and the person actually owned the apt, which happens to be worth a good million dollars or so. boy, was i wrong! the kitchen was extremely dirty, there was this antiquated furniture and a sad looking huge wardrobe and a worn out couch. and the broker had strict instructions from the owner that the furniture had to stay. so neway, i look around and go okay so umm wheres the bed. and the broker goes oh its a murpheys bed. (i have never heard of that) so i have a blank expression. she opens the wardrobe and there was the bed. so basically u have to fold your bed into your wardrobe every moring and fold it out every nite. who has so much free time?
was she kidding me? so then i did the i-cant-say-no-conversation and gave jhoothi tasali that i will call them back. i can safely say that i wont. ever.
i know i am bad. i feel sorry for the new hire. but im betting all my money on it, that he wont last in the real eastate business for long. its not for the weak. the poor fellow told me exactly how much brokerage fees (30%) he was getting and that 10% goes to his trainer who apparently has good connections.
sometimes i dont feel that bad either. i was passing by this huge clean looking building i was like let me go in and find out if they ahve places available and if so what is the rent. the management guy threw us both (me and my sibling) a lot of attitude and im not sure if he was a snob or just racist but whatever it was he had that condescending look that you cant afford an apt worth 3500 a month.
ok so i know i cant. but he doesnt have to be mean about it. so, i played along and when asked my salary i inflated it a bit (ok alrite fiiine a lot) just enough to see the sparkle in his eyes and change of tone. he made a bunch of appointments for me to go see places the next morning. and the shameless person that i am, i have ever since then avoided all his calls.
ok so i know its wrong. and i got a good scolding frome veryone for doing that and wasting everyones time. but his tone and look irritated me. ( i know, still no excuse) and it takes a lot to rile me up. and its not like this incident will change his attitude or anyting. hell, it may make him even more snobby. so dont learn from this lesson.
however, there lot of lessons i have learnt this week: be smart and dont let anyone take you for a ride, never buy anything which is on the lowest rack, if you smile at pple, someone will smile back, dont take anything on face value even those pple that look genuine and innoncent, time is money, help others but to the extent that you arent inconvenienced (sadly true but dont wait to learn this the hard way), however if you dont ever help anyone pls start, do one good thing a day you have so many opportunities to do so, know your neighbours, bargain, make new friends, know the workers at your 24 hour free delivery neighbourhood convenience store - it really helps, bargain some more, dont bump into pple accidentally on the subway especially during rush hour, try not to look like a tourist : pls learn your routes on the subway quickly and pretend that you know where you are going, remember funny incidents and block out the bad ones.
To be continued.


Monday, March 19, 2007

and so it is, just like you said it would be.

taken from the


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

bas yun hi.

so latest news is that SRK will be the chief guest at the annual ICICI event in dxb. mainly a networking banking kind of event. and although i do want to see SRK in real time, i really cannot understand why an actor should be or even want to be at this event.( i mean as chief guest) sure everyone needs a your-money-and-u-education and everyone wants to know how much they have made. and where the market is heading etc etc. but honestly having an actor do an item number in front of other bankers and corporate types is just a waste of time. really. i mean, how is that even relevant to your bank. i mean what is the bank trying to show here, that SRK invests in them so one should. herd mentality. if its good for him its good for us. seriously, people are smarter than that.

im not undermining SRK's intelligence, but really would he know where interest rates are headed. and how the asian economies are doing. are exports down/up. wat are the tax implications of the new budget. are foreign investments the way to go? are latin american stocks in? i doubt he would know all this. i dont blame him. its not his job, to know. but shouldnt they be inviting someone like the Finance Minister or some economist or something. But then that would be boring and informative. and why would banks actually want to educate their investors and give them gyaan. the less u know the better.

mom: quit whining.
me: there's really no point to this event.
mom: fine, give your pass to someone else
me: *very inaudible* err..ok. can you get me an autograph though?


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

just chill chill just chill

so sometimes HR will ask you to go back and interview some wide-eyed MBA student. a lot of the people i know are getting a kick out of this and have already decided on the brainteasers they will cream them with. the irony is you never remember the easy going interviewers only the "mean" ones.

we were interviewing this pharmacist and my mom asked him some basic questions of what would you prescribe for so and so. he started shivering and stuttering. i think he had that *going blank moment*. he didnt say anything. my mom waited for a minute and asked another question. more silence. perhaps he was nervous. perhaps he wasnt prepared. of course, me being the silent interviewer on the side staring him down wasnt helping either. needless to say, he didnt get the job.

i wonder what makes you so nervous during an interview. if you dont know you dont know, right? sometimes the most brainy pple dont get through, it sometimes just depends on how good your conversational skills are. basically its for you to let them know how much you know but most importantly its for them to get to know you and to somewhat like you.

i remember the worst interview i had was with this investment firm and i had lost my voice the day before. i could barely speak. this was a conversation at a paperie (sp!)

me: *whispering* do you have any smaller sheets?
salesperson[trying not to laughing]: *whispering back* no, im sorry thats all we have.
c: actually, shes lost her voice
salesperson: *now laughing with 32 teeth and speaking loudly* yea i know, im sorry we dont have any.
me: *whispering* that sucks!
salesperson: I heard THAT.

*more laughter*

ok lame conversation. but i had to go through that during the interview too. and when we were seated with the other interviewees, one of htem asked me laughingly "are u going to speak like that, all day?". boy, was he happy. not that i was going to give him any competition. with or without my voice.

well neway, my voice wasnt the only thing that wasnt on my side that day. i had the most grilling 6 back-to-back interviews. i had this interviewer who wouldnt give up and kept grilling me about this probability question. and continued to ask variations of it. and u know how sometimes you meet pple and you form an impression of them, irrespective of whether you know them or not. looks can be deceiving is lesson no 1. this interviewer totally looked dumb. like those cheesy one-kilo-of-hair-gel-on-their-head guys with tight jeans. sad to say he was far far from stupid. and since i know being assertive is impt during the interview. and if you think your proof is right its imperative to stick to it and explain your view rather than going yes i agree with you. coz sometimes they trick u or sometimes if u explain your point well enough and its still wrong it actually works in your favor. at least thats the tips ive got. but then i should have guessed that these tips arent applicable to ME. finally he became so exasperated with me, he made a face at me (i kid you not) and just said good luck. (good riddance). needless to say i didnt get that job and my voice hadn't returned even when they called me to reject me. i was still croacking on the phone when they gave me the standard im sorry we cant call you back for the umpteenth interview. im always confused what should i answer to that, i always say thanks. in a non sarcastic way. but should i be really saying "thanks". for rejecting me. perhaps for letting me know that i suck?coz, you know i REALLY dont know that.

i always get a little flushed when i dont know an answer. its a big give away. another bad interview was this bad cop good cop set that i had to interview it. the good cop asked me all the easy questions. smiled when i iddnt get it completely right. he would give me hints and tried to help me out and then when i got it right he gave me a huge encouraging smile. the bad cop asked me to draw things out, write on paper, picked up on where i was trying to be vague and finally asked me "what are the advantages of a hash table". Wat the... if only i had paid attention during freshman year in data was a simple question but i went totally blank *its been a while* was my answer. stupid stupid stupid. by that point i was exhausted and just didnt care anymore and didnt even feel like bs-ing. i would be "im sorry, im afraid i dont know". and then bad cop would start to smile and good cops smile goes down a notch.

i hope im a good cop when im interviewing pple. thats, if i ever get a chance to.


Sunday, March 11, 2007

just coz..

yesterday we saw maine gandhi ko nahi mara. when i asked N to pick it up from the movie store, he laughed and said what? toh phir kisnei . kya aisee movie waqi mein hai? after watching the movie, i can say its easily one of the better hindi movies ive seen ever. the story is simple about a man who is supposedly suffering from alzhiemers disease and he thinks he has killed Mahatma Gandhi. the story deals with how the family (daughter and sons) have to deal with their fathers slowly fading memory and then this added dementia. the way that people who you thought were so close to you suddenly give up on you (in true cowardly fashion) in the face of some obstacles. its everyone story. but you have to learn from this and move on. anupam kher and urmila are excellent as the father and daughter.

its a really touching story and i feel for all parents when i watch this movie. many a times you get so irritated with your parents and you tend to say things in frustration or you crib to another that your parents just dont get it. and even though you do love your parents and you do know that you have to be patient and that you will feel guilty as hell after the argument [irrespective of whether you are right or wrong], you still get impatient for that moment. many a times you tend to think that your parents are invincible and nothing can touch them. and then slowly things change. and the roles start reversing. and no matter how much you deny it, it happens and sometimes you cant stop things from happening. its always hard on a child to see their parent physically weak, but its so much harder for the parent to see themselves like that....

on a more lighter note,i was reading gulf news and saw this article about everyday heros. this is the nicest thing i have read in a long time. Ashwani Gogia, a manager in Dubai, giving free tuition in English to labourers after work hours. and the labourers, despite having very little free time, wanting to learn English. This is what Gogia says "I cannot afford much, so sometimes I miss my dinner to give notebooks and pencils to my students. When they learn, my students become more confident in their work and everyday life here in Dubai. They can go to the bank, the doctor and explain themselves, they can ask for directions or read the bus numbers. Suddenly they can be understood." when you read things like this it gives you inspiration to do something good. =)


Saturday, March 10, 2007

haan zara nalayak hain...haan pitne ke layak hain

randomn weird guy: *smilingly* Hi
me: err..bye
m: did u just say bye?
me: yea, to random pple i usually respond hi's with bye's
m: wat about a bye?
me: good question. u think it should be a hi?

alrite, im just kidding one shouldnt answer the "bye". this incident happened in one of the major desi shopping areas in dubai. eveteasing (i hate that word, but i dont know a good subsitute so ill just use it) is quite common here and i suppose in any big city it happens. sometimes pple will react differently to these situations. mostly people will ignore and the problem will go away. some cases people will glare back and the person will get scared and go away. sometimes another person will intervene and scare the person off. in very rare cases people will go upto the person and give them two . mostly coz you are yourself embarassed to "create a scene". so you seethe inside and wish they would go away. the solution that solves itself.

sadly, sometimes there are no solutions. a relative was once driving back home after her on call nite duty at the hospital and in those days the road in dubai at nite were practically empty. those days mobile phones werent as common as now. some car chased her for a good 20 mins and finally overtook her and flashed their number. how do u combat that? you cant possibly stop the car coz you are so freaked out and secondly driving fast can be dangerous for you. at the most you can try to ignore and keep driving.

a friend of mine in school had a stalker who stood outside her house for 3 continous days. my advise to her was to make it clear to the stalker you arent interested ("throw a stone wrapped in a message that reads next time im aiming for your head" - just kidding i dont advise that as tempting it might be , nowadays with people sueing you left and right, lenei kei denei nahin ho jaye.) and then if they dont get the hint to just plain ignore. but like lot of people, my friend is scared but is curious to know whether the person is still out there. so she would end up peering outside her window. finally she told her dad, and thankfully her dad gave him a good lecture and he disappeared. thankfully her parent did not blame her. in continuation of my posts of ads, i recently saw this ad of a rickshaw driver staring at a women passenger at the back, who had no idea that the man was staring at her . her mother in law who was sitting next to her saw the man staring at her daughter in law, she immediately stopped the rickshaw got out and slapped the daughter in law. like it was her fault that the rickshaw driver was a jerk. this is very common.and sometimes has lasting effects on you.

an aunt of mine when younger was chased by this fellow, and ever since then she has a fear of these eve-teasers. recently, we were shopping at this store and the salesman was being overtly friendly with her, i know it was no harm it was just the sales person being curious and i suppose since we have the same mother tongue he was interested to know more about our whereabouts. when we got out the shop, i saw him following us out of the shop, probably to have a smoke or somethign, god knows. but me being all evil and all was to my aunt he's following us, your ashiq awara. she got so freaked out and kept looking back. the fear stemming from her childhood days. i felt very guilty after that. and have never repeated anything like this after that.

so wat is the solution to these situations. each his own, i think. if ignoring the person works, good enough. if not, some sarcastic comment. or a firm "raasta napo" (get out of my way)lecture. but if the person tries to get too close, a good slap in full public is key. after all such nalayk types are pitnei kei layk (meant to be beaten up)


kuch khas hai hum sabhi mein..[there's something special in all of us]

there are some ads that immediately make you look for your remote control and there are some ads that make you flip through the tv channels looking for that ad. =)

the below are mostly cadbury ads. old ads. the cricket pitch ad, football ad, the mehendi wala ad. out of the newer ones, my current favourite is the nike cricket ad, which is the inspiration of this post. but my all time favourite is like most people the one on the cricket pitch. there were other cadbury ads with cyrus broacha which were good too, but i cant seem to find any on youtube. i used to like the first ad of siyarams suitings in rajasthani palaces. heres a dekko: all courtesy of youtubers.

the ads that are more popular are the ones that strike a chord with the audience. theres nothing like going to school and finding that school is closed, for watever reason. i think thats one of the happiest moments of any kids life. obviously it changes in university, where you dont really care whether uni is shut or not. coz cutting class is upto you. but then when u start working and you unexpectedly have a day off, you are back to square 1. =)

theres also nothing like the feeling

that when you are playing rummy,[ disclaimer : only for fun ] and you need one more card to make your hand (is that the word?) and the person before you throws that card.

or when you know you have no clue on how to solve the question, and then they cancel that question completely.

or when you find old photographs and written notes in your notebooks.

or when you wake up in the middle of the night and see that you still have another 5 hours left rather than 5 minutes.

or when you find this shirt ,buried in your drawer, that didnt fit you two years ago, but now fits well.

the list is endless.

many of the ads you see on tv perhaps take the easier(!) route and perhaps the more expensive one too by roping in a famous actor/actress to promote their product. this maybe a good idea for an okay ad. but the real test is when an ad full of unknown faces stands out. thats when you know that the ad is awesome.


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

sq feet sq feet par likha hai, khareednei walei ka naam.

JERRY: So tell us about the trip. How's Dr. Reston?

ELAINE: Oh, he's fine.

JERRY: Things are good?

ELAINE: Yeah, you know (scratches cheek)

JERRY: Uh oh.

ELAINE: What, Uh ih?

JERRY: Did you see that?

GEORGE: Yeah, I saw it.


JERRY: It's a tell. You gotta tell.

ELAINE: What tell? What's a tell?

JERRY: When you ask someone about their relationship and they touch their face you know it's not going too well. Go ahead ask me how it's going with somebody.

ELAINE: Um, uh, who's it going with, uh, Alice?

JERRY: Good, going good (scratches chin) And the higher up on the face you go the worse the relationship is getting. You know it is like - pretty good - not bad - I gotta get out.

ELAINE: How high did I go?

GEORGE: You almost did the nose.

- taken from

this doesnt apply to just relationships. it applies to everything. fastforward to present day.

M: So did you like the property?
me: *scratching left ear* then *scratching right ear*
M: wats wrong with your ear?


so, last week a friend told us he was going to go see the newest property on the block. the marinas at the palm jumeirah. (man made island in dxb) at least thats what i think its called. and since we are always in the 'un-know' (ok i know there is no such word) of things happening in our beloved dubai, we decided to tag along just to see whats happening and whether it is much ado about something.

i have been to few of my clients offices who have been property developers.

theres been one property office in bangalore which impressed me with their large mahogany conference tables and plush red sofas. (i am easily impressed)property offices at least three years ago in mumbai sucked royally. very little space, no such thing as a conference room. the sales staff is middle aged, mostly wearing safari suits, or at the most a striped shirt. and the conversation is filled with variations of "leilo, bhaoo upar jayega" (take it, the price will go up). of course, now its quite different, the sales staff is much younger. they especially hire the "good lookers". and most are dressed in suits. all wear a tie. and the sales staff will come to you and take you out for coffee or lunch depending how big the deal (corporate or individual). likewise the quality of the paperwork, their prepartion will vary. and they will all have the latest top range high funda cellphones. which will ring every 10 mins.

not to be left behind this property's sales office has all the works.

peacocks roaming freely in the park. layout of the property in those lego sort of things you used to play with. (god knows what the word is). the 32-teeth-, 100-watt smile stafff. with the european accents to go. some fake some real. high tech security. people serving you juices before you even sit down. touch screens to view the property.

despite all these changes, theres one thing that stays the same. no matter what property you are buying, its always the "last few" and the sales person will always tell you that "if you come tommorow, it wont be there. Then please dont tell me." they are quick to add, the 'i-told-you-so. ' and they will always give you an example of some guy who came yesterday but now that he has come today the property was gone. or like the person who was few seconds late and they missed out. they had the loan papers, the paperwork and they were just about to sign the dotted line when it got sold out. sales psychology at its best. irrespective of whether you can afford it, you imagine yourself in that person's shoes and you sympathize. lol. so in one week apparently in 6 buildings each of 18 floors i believe, only the ground floors are available. i really really doubt the validity of this. im so sure they are keeping some floors on hold so that they can sell it later at higher prices.

khayr, here are some pics i took of their model apartment, which i thought would be on the real property. it is NOT. should read between the fine print. but each apartment has their own terrace/balcony and each overlook part of the arabian gulf. i liked the bathroom the best its almost as big as the bedroom.

and now to be all random since thats my speciality. a chirpy welcome to the bunty and babli of our home.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

talking bout my generation

so its official now. Dubai's Grand Mufti has confirmed that a Muslim divorce can be carried out by text messages. live from the horse's mouth "While some said writing a divorce is equivalent to verbally announcing it, others believe a divorce must be documented by writing and can only be applied when there is intention and when it is read aloud. "

excellent. and for some more "wisdom" now.

'Divorce through this modern way is not different from using a pen and a paper,' he said.

the whole divorcing on sms was started out i believe in Malaysia some years back. in some report in Gulf News, there were several cases of divorce by SMS . In one case, a man sent his wife a message reading:

"Why are you late? You are divorced."

again, brilliant. 30 fils is all it takes. 60 fils if international.

Im placing bets that this rule will be overturned soon. for the sake of Dubai courts itself. God knows how many stupid cases they will have to deal with. not to mention the number of stupid guys who will try to use the law to their advantage and like cowards divorce their wives when they are away so as not to deal with their wife face to face. or have the jhurat to look at them in the eye. anyone to do this should be given two kicks.

im not an expert on shariah law but i do think there is a need to understand contexts and not just literally apply the law. hardly anything is black and white. each case should be studied individually. the problem with the shariah rule is it assumes everyone is good which is far from it. even if two people are divorcing, it is assumed they are respectful to each other. this is far from the truth and sadly this isnt a perfect world.

perhaps they will overturn it or perhaps they will put a fine on those divorces by SMS. i hope a big hefty fine with thirty times the amount of alimony. this will make them think infinite times.

im still betting on 1 though.

A family advisor at the Dubai courts, told the paper that his department had made inquiries with scholars from the Dubai Awqaf and Islamic Affairs department, the Arabic and Islamic Studies College in Dubai, and others in Saudi Arabia.

"All have said that the divorce is valid, as the husband expressed the will to divorce and the wife received it,"said the official.

perhaps then ladies should never charge their phone. or better yet never give your husband your cell number. lol. i suppose if one doesnt ever charge her phone, she didnt technically "receive receive" it. or perhaps by "mistake" the sms is deleted, she then never really received that either. you can feign ignorance infinite times.

after all, two CAN play the same game.


Sunday, March 04, 2007

every story has two sides and every story has an end.

another one of my favourites.

Somewhere there's speaking
It's already coming in
Oh and it's rising at the back of your mind

You never could get it
Unless you were fed it
Now you're here and you don't know why
But under skinned knees and the skid marks
Past the places where you used to learn
You howl and listen
Listen and wait for the
Echoes of angels who won't return

He's everything you want
He's everything you need
He's everything inside of you
That you wish you could be
He says all the right things
At exactly the right time
But he means nothing to you
And you don't know why

You're waiting for someone
To put you together
You're waiting for someone to push you away
There's always another wound to discover
There's always something more you wish he'd say

But you'll just sit tight
And watch it unwind
It's only what you're asking for
And you'll be just fine
With all of your time
It's only what you're waiting for

Out of the island
Into the highway
Past the places where you might have turned
You never did notice
But you still hide away
The anger of angels who won't return

He's everything you want
He's everything you need
He's everything inside of you
That you wish you could be
He says all the right things
At exactly the right time
But he means nothing to you
And you don't know why

I am everything you want
I am everything you need
I am everything inside of you
That you wish you could be
I say all the right things
At exactly the right time
But I mean nothing to you and I don't know why
And I don't know why
I don't know

-Vertical Horizon "Everything you want"


Saturday, March 03, 2007

do pal milte hai saath saath chalte hai, par mor aye toh bachke nikal tei hai
so, i have to prepare my appartment checklist. the things i want in an apartment so when i go and see the appartment i am well prepared. so well prepared that i scare the person in not leasing it out to me. =). it has happened before. but i am lowering the bar a little bit. its not necessary to have marble flooring in the toilet. damn. sacrifice and all that. lol. no but seriously i have very few requirements, now i just want an airy appartment by that i mean windows that face the street/park (yea rite) not someone else's window. the situation here is quite like the palm jumeirah apt story, you can stick out your hand and slap the person in the opposite appartment. i wish there are many windows so its always well lit. (not for the slapping reason)
secondly, i wish that there are no dogs in the apartment complex. this again is a losing battle. becoz every second person has at least one dog in new york. and i really dont ahve anything against dogs if their owners can control them. but when they want to be overfriendly and jump on you, or just bark at you or like bound at you for no reason its a bit scary. my friend who lives in nyc lives in an appartment complex that has two dogs. every morning she sticks her head out and sees if maidaan khali hai (if the passageway is empty) then she bolts. in my internship, the apt complex i lived in, every second thing was human or dog. and one evening i was coming home and was in my own world and not really aware of my surroundings, suddenly some thing bolts at me and it was this huge huge dog. ok maybe it wasnt that huge, but it seemed like that. in moments of fear i just freeze, clam up and shut my eyes, hoping it will go away. and then you remember your mom, your dad and your God. finally, when i opened my eyes the dog is staring at me confused, the neighbour seeing my about-to--faint look whistles and calls his dog back. Thank God. jaltu jalal tu Aaayi bala ko taal tu.
finally last wishes. something that is not infested with rats, mice, red ants, bugs of any kind. a somewhat safe neighbourhood.
P.S ever notice how an apt if badly furnished or messy is unlikely to be rented out than say the same apt with no furniture. so kids, keep your apartment clean if you want to sublease it. or dirty if you want to buy time from your landlord.


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