Wednesday, March 07, 2007

sq feet sq feet par likha hai, khareednei walei ka naam.

JERRY: So tell us about the trip. How's Dr. Reston?

ELAINE: Oh, he's fine.

JERRY: Things are good?

ELAINE: Yeah, you know (scratches cheek)

JERRY: Uh oh.

ELAINE: What, Uh ih?

JERRY: Did you see that?

GEORGE: Yeah, I saw it.


JERRY: It's a tell. You gotta tell.

ELAINE: What tell? What's a tell?

JERRY: When you ask someone about their relationship and they touch their face you know it's not going too well. Go ahead ask me how it's going with somebody.

ELAINE: Um, uh, who's it going with, uh, Alice?

JERRY: Good, going good (scratches chin) And the higher up on the face you go the worse the relationship is getting. You know it is like - pretty good - not bad - I gotta get out.

ELAINE: How high did I go?

GEORGE: You almost did the nose.

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this doesnt apply to just relationships. it applies to everything. fastforward to present day.

M: So did you like the property?
me: *scratching left ear* then *scratching right ear*
M: wats wrong with your ear?


so, last week a friend told us he was going to go see the newest property on the block. the marinas at the palm jumeirah. (man made island in dxb) at least thats what i think its called. and since we are always in the 'un-know' (ok i know there is no such word) of things happening in our beloved dubai, we decided to tag along just to see whats happening and whether it is much ado about something.

i have been to few of my clients offices who have been property developers.

theres been one property office in bangalore which impressed me with their large mahogany conference tables and plush red sofas. (i am easily impressed)property offices at least three years ago in mumbai sucked royally. very little space, no such thing as a conference room. the sales staff is middle aged, mostly wearing safari suits, or at the most a striped shirt. and the conversation is filled with variations of "leilo, bhaoo upar jayega" (take it, the price will go up). of course, now its quite different, the sales staff is much younger. they especially hire the "good lookers". and most are dressed in suits. all wear a tie. and the sales staff will come to you and take you out for coffee or lunch depending how big the deal (corporate or individual). likewise the quality of the paperwork, their prepartion will vary. and they will all have the latest top range high funda cellphones. which will ring every 10 mins.

not to be left behind this property's sales office has all the works.

peacocks roaming freely in the park. layout of the property in those lego sort of things you used to play with. (god knows what the word is). the 32-teeth-, 100-watt smile stafff. with the european accents to go. some fake some real. high tech security. people serving you juices before you even sit down. touch screens to view the property.

despite all these changes, theres one thing that stays the same. no matter what property you are buying, its always the "last few" and the sales person will always tell you that "if you come tommorow, it wont be there. Then please dont tell me." they are quick to add, the 'i-told-you-so. ' and they will always give you an example of some guy who came yesterday but now that he has come today the property was gone. or like the person who was few seconds late and they missed out. they had the loan papers, the paperwork and they were just about to sign the dotted line when it got sold out. sales psychology at its best. irrespective of whether you can afford it, you imagine yourself in that person's shoes and you sympathize. lol. so in one week apparently in 6 buildings each of 18 floors i believe, only the ground floors are available. i really really doubt the validity of this. im so sure they are keeping some floors on hold so that they can sell it later at higher prices.

khayr, here are some pics i took of their model apartment, which i thought would be on the real property. it is NOT. should read between the fine print. but each apartment has their own terrace/balcony and each overlook part of the arabian gulf. i liked the bathroom the best its almost as big as the bedroom.

and now to be all random since thats my speciality. a chirpy welcome to the bunty and babli of our home.


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