Saturday, March 10, 2007

kuch khas hai hum sabhi mein..[there's something special in all of us]

there are some ads that immediately make you look for your remote control and there are some ads that make you flip through the tv channels looking for that ad. =)

the below are mostly cadbury ads. old ads. the cricket pitch ad, football ad, the mehendi wala ad. out of the newer ones, my current favourite is the nike cricket ad, which is the inspiration of this post. but my all time favourite is like most people the one on the cricket pitch. there were other cadbury ads with cyrus broacha which were good too, but i cant seem to find any on youtube. i used to like the first ad of siyarams suitings in rajasthani palaces. heres a dekko: all courtesy of youtubers.

the ads that are more popular are the ones that strike a chord with the audience. theres nothing like going to school and finding that school is closed, for watever reason. i think thats one of the happiest moments of any kids life. obviously it changes in university, where you dont really care whether uni is shut or not. coz cutting class is upto you. but then when u start working and you unexpectedly have a day off, you are back to square 1. =)

theres also nothing like the feeling

that when you are playing rummy,[ disclaimer : only for fun ] and you need one more card to make your hand (is that the word?) and the person before you throws that card.

or when you know you have no clue on how to solve the question, and then they cancel that question completely.

or when you find old photographs and written notes in your notebooks.

or when you wake up in the middle of the night and see that you still have another 5 hours left rather than 5 minutes.

or when you find this shirt ,buried in your drawer, that didnt fit you two years ago, but now fits well.

the list is endless.

many of the ads you see on tv perhaps take the easier(!) route and perhaps the more expensive one too by roping in a famous actor/actress to promote their product. this maybe a good idea for an okay ad. but the real test is when an ad full of unknown faces stands out. thats when you know that the ad is awesome.


Sharique 6:54 AM  

I love the nike ad...saw it for the first time here..Nike ads are mostly really cool..

life of pi 8:39 AM  

sharique: glad you liked it.

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