Sunday, March 11, 2007

just coz..

yesterday we saw maine gandhi ko nahi mara. when i asked N to pick it up from the movie store, he laughed and said what? toh phir kisnei . kya aisee movie waqi mein hai? after watching the movie, i can say its easily one of the better hindi movies ive seen ever. the story is simple about a man who is supposedly suffering from alzhiemers disease and he thinks he has killed Mahatma Gandhi. the story deals with how the family (daughter and sons) have to deal with their fathers slowly fading memory and then this added dementia. the way that people who you thought were so close to you suddenly give up on you (in true cowardly fashion) in the face of some obstacles. its everyone story. but you have to learn from this and move on. anupam kher and urmila are excellent as the father and daughter.

its a really touching story and i feel for all parents when i watch this movie. many a times you get so irritated with your parents and you tend to say things in frustration or you crib to another that your parents just dont get it. and even though you do love your parents and you do know that you have to be patient and that you will feel guilty as hell after the argument [irrespective of whether you are right or wrong], you still get impatient for that moment. many a times you tend to think that your parents are invincible and nothing can touch them. and then slowly things change. and the roles start reversing. and no matter how much you deny it, it happens and sometimes you cant stop things from happening. its always hard on a child to see their parent physically weak, but its so much harder for the parent to see themselves like that....

on a more lighter note,i was reading gulf news and saw this article about everyday heros. this is the nicest thing i have read in a long time. Ashwani Gogia, a manager in Dubai, giving free tuition in English to labourers after work hours. and the labourers, despite having very little free time, wanting to learn English. This is what Gogia says "I cannot afford much, so sometimes I miss my dinner to give notebooks and pencils to my students. When they learn, my students become more confident in their work and everyday life here in Dubai. They can go to the bank, the doctor and explain themselves, they can ask for directions or read the bus numbers. Suddenly they can be understood." when you read things like this it gives you inspiration to do something good. =)


Ashraf,  1:38 AM  

Yeah maine gandhi ko nahin maara is good.
Another one would be 'Khosla Ka Ghosla'. Not that emotional though.

life of pi 9:25 AM  

yea ive seen that too. i think thats a great movie. i want to write a script like that one day. i think everyone has met a "Khurana Saab" (Boman Irani's character)at some point in their life.

Ashraf's Pen 8:24 AM  

I know its all so normal. Unlike other movies with mechanics(Apna Sapna Money Money) living in palatial homes, it all seems so real.

Also beyond Khurana, the property dealers office is so real,the one room shed and the way he speaks 'Uncle ji', thats hauntingly real

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