Wednesday, March 14, 2007

bas yun hi.

so latest news is that SRK will be the chief guest at the annual ICICI event in dxb. mainly a networking banking kind of event. and although i do want to see SRK in real time, i really cannot understand why an actor should be or even want to be at this event.( i mean as chief guest) sure everyone needs a your-money-and-u-education and everyone wants to know how much they have made. and where the market is heading etc etc. but honestly having an actor do an item number in front of other bankers and corporate types is just a waste of time. really. i mean, how is that even relevant to your bank. i mean what is the bank trying to show here, that SRK invests in them so one should. herd mentality. if its good for him its good for us. seriously, people are smarter than that.

im not undermining SRK's intelligence, but really would he know where interest rates are headed. and how the asian economies are doing. are exports down/up. wat are the tax implications of the new budget. are foreign investments the way to go? are latin american stocks in? i doubt he would know all this. i dont blame him. its not his job, to know. but shouldnt they be inviting someone like the Finance Minister or some economist or something. But then that would be boring and informative. and why would banks actually want to educate their investors and give them gyaan. the less u know the better.

mom: quit whining.
me: there's really no point to this event.
mom: fine, give your pass to someone else
me: *very inaudible* err..ok. can you get me an autograph though?


Khozem F Sahiwala 2:31 AM  

Well, Celebrities esp of bollywood are in great demand. They can fit and fix in all situations.

Thats a good thought why banks ? . We would tell to recommend your name in promoting SRK films. Will it be OK with U.

life of pi 9:22 AM  

i dont think the issue is would it be OK with ME. LOL.

i cant even promote my fave chocolate to my 5 year old niece, SRK films dur ki baat.

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