Saturday, March 03, 2007

do pal milte hai saath saath chalte hai, par mor aye toh bachke nikal tei hai
so, i have to prepare my appartment checklist. the things i want in an apartment so when i go and see the appartment i am well prepared. so well prepared that i scare the person in not leasing it out to me. =). it has happened before. but i am lowering the bar a little bit. its not necessary to have marble flooring in the toilet. damn. sacrifice and all that. lol. no but seriously i have very few requirements, now i just want an airy appartment by that i mean windows that face the street/park (yea rite) not someone else's window. the situation here is quite like the palm jumeirah apt story, you can stick out your hand and slap the person in the opposite appartment. i wish there are many windows so its always well lit. (not for the slapping reason)
secondly, i wish that there are no dogs in the apartment complex. this again is a losing battle. becoz every second person has at least one dog in new york. and i really dont ahve anything against dogs if their owners can control them. but when they want to be overfriendly and jump on you, or just bark at you or like bound at you for no reason its a bit scary. my friend who lives in nyc lives in an appartment complex that has two dogs. every morning she sticks her head out and sees if maidaan khali hai (if the passageway is empty) then she bolts. in my internship, the apt complex i lived in, every second thing was human or dog. and one evening i was coming home and was in my own world and not really aware of my surroundings, suddenly some thing bolts at me and it was this huge huge dog. ok maybe it wasnt that huge, but it seemed like that. in moments of fear i just freeze, clam up and shut my eyes, hoping it will go away. and then you remember your mom, your dad and your God. finally, when i opened my eyes the dog is staring at me confused, the neighbour seeing my about-to--faint look whistles and calls his dog back. Thank God. jaltu jalal tu Aaayi bala ko taal tu.
finally last wishes. something that is not infested with rats, mice, red ants, bugs of any kind. a somewhat safe neighbourhood.
P.S ever notice how an apt if badly furnished or messy is unlikely to be rented out than say the same apt with no furniture. so kids, keep your apartment clean if you want to sublease it. or dirty if you want to buy time from your landlord.


Sharique 9:51 AM  

Dekh le choose karna...koi FBI ne apartment me bugs na laga diye ho :P:P
Even i hate dogs..not just dogs but cats as a matter of fact all animals

pi 5:38 AM  

dude that was a very sad PJ. lol. i dont hate all dogs i think some are cute but from far. very far. and im very scared of cats.

Ashraf's Pen 12:50 PM  

Well best of luck for your apartment hunt.

Actually an apartment is like a blind bet. You never know till the time they mature how u fared.

Anyway dogs are a problem I agree. Pesonally I find pets cute, only when they are someone elses pet

TwinTopaz 10:44 PM  

hein??? u forgot the most important thing..noisy neighbours!!

pi,  4:54 AM  

ashraf: "Actually an apartment is like a blind bet. You never know till the time they mature how u fared."
true, that.

i can sleep through anything so noisy neighbours dont bother me at all. sometimes its entertaining too.

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