Thursday, June 25, 2009

MJ, rip.

at the chinese deli (again) , this time at a respectable time. reason of visit, severe craving of pocky chocolate dips. sort of like nutella.

anyway, the chinese grocer has become my 2 minute news byte guy. not only does he give me pertinent information about the economy in those 2 minutes, he also helps me identify whether the yellow fruit in container is mango and not peach.

cc : did you hear about michael jackson
me: no, what happened.
cc: he died today
me: what! no dont tell me when did this news come out. *i need to get a blackberry/iphone. when iphones become a free phone then i will succub and laugh at all the losers who shelled out full price*
cc: some hours ago
me: what happened?
cc: heart attack
me: where did he die in bahrain? (presuming cc knew where bahrain is)
cc: (apparently he does) no in LA
me: daym. thats sad.
cc: yea, even the rich cannot escape death
me: yea, the only certainity of life is death.


Ace 8:23 PM  

Death is probably the only reality.y at rounds us in realit Gtimes, doesnt it.

pi,  7:45 PM  

im not sure i understood your second sentence but i agree death is the only commonality between all of us.

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