Saturday, October 14, 2006

comme ci comme ca

this has been the week of firsts for me. it was the first time i flew back and forth from a place on the same day. never to be repeated again. i think the actual flying time is not the annoying part but all the hours that build up into taking that flight is a a pain. i m not sure what was up with security taht day. i spent like one hour waiting for the screening. the actual flying wasnt fun either i got sandwiched between two pple, one who for some reason got all hyper listening into the air traffic radio. i dont quite get united airways's logic behind having this "exclusive" feature. for some reason the trend nowadays is that pilots are becoming super chatty. u know ,i dont really care whether we are flying at 30,000 feet or 15,0000 feet. or like we are passing so n so. u know from up here it all looks the same. or when they tell u that going forward theree are chances of turbulence. in fact, id rather not know.

interview went off pretty ok, i think. i met a bunch of pple at the firm. i have noticed taht usually the older pple in the firm are pretty laidback and dont really want to corner u. but the younger ones who maybe interviewing someone else for the first time, for some reason want to get u. im not sure whats the rationale. perhaps they want to show that they are smarter than u. ull get thrown a lot of brain teasers and technical questions. interviewing is not so much about what you know its more like how you veer the conversation. its more about how energetic you are and how articulate. first impressions are everyting.

the other observation that may pple have had is interviewing with your own is not a good idea. if you have a desi interviewer you will be asked tough questions if ure desi, if your chinese its better not to interview with a chinese recruiter. i dont know how much if this is true. i havent really had that experience but i guess there are always pple who feel more competitive with their own "kind".

well neway the highlights: i got to eat in a posh restaurant. i spoke to many many pple with diffferent backgrounds and that jittery feeling of meeting new pple is improving majorly. im getting better at small talk. im getting more patient of pple asking me where is dubai. is it in saudi arabia? no more of those weird-did-u-just-say-that looks. i figure, since i didnt even know theres a state called utah, i shoudlnt be throwing stones at others. neway the other good thing i didnt spill anything on myself. or do anything too embarassing. the only thing which weirded me out was the amount of times i was asked if i need to use the bathroom, to the point where i didnt even need to use it but i still decided to go. no harm in looking at yourself in the mirror one more time.

hope i get an offer. fingers crossed.


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