Thursday, November 02, 2006

world's apart

one realizes after days, months or even years that every decision that one took or didnt take was part of a bigger and greater and perhaps better plan. so by God's grace, I got two job offers. One which I really wanted the other one isn't that bad either. This week has been a roller coaster of emotions. I had a massive fight with one of my bestest friends and I have never ever fought with her before. it was on something so stupid i cant even believe we had an argument on it. and even though I dont want to face it, its true we are changing both of us and I can either accept it or ignore it. I also learnt that no matter one shouldnt always say whatever they feel, sometimes its better to hold your tongue ultimately sab cheez kehnei ki nahin hoti. its better to let go of things and i mean really let go. not hold them in your heart only to escalate into something more uglier and worse. but like all best friends we forgive and forget and everything is hunky dory again. which is the way they should be. the second emotion exhilaration in finally getting a job, that too in nyc!. knowing i can chill out my last month and half of school. probably this is my last month ever of being in school. i will never ever be in school again. i will never sit in the last row of a class and draw doodles on my notes or stare at random pple in my class or walk the usual path to the food trucks or to the library or curse out the common printer or read the bios of the people who adorn the halls or use my already abused locker or sit in the "silent" study room area or glare at pple who talk in the silent study room area or wait for the school bus late at night with sleepy eyes or talk nonsense stuff with friends at 4 am while doing group projects.

to be continued..


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