Saturday, November 04, 2006

bheegi bheegi

ok spoiler alert. dont read ahead if you dont want the analysis on gangster. ive been putting off watching this movie, albeit being told a million times on how I SHOULD watch it. wonderful acting. great songs. blah blah blah. firstly i cant stand the hashmi dude, so I avoid watching any movie of his. But I like shiney ahuja for some reason and so decided to give it a go. It has to be one of the saddest movies ever! the only person i felt sad for is shiney ahuja, the"gangster", kangana raut who is supposedly supposed to be in love with him and who double crosses him for akash has done a wonderful job, but I couldnt understand her character. This movie isnt truly about love its all about your dream. akash's dream to nab the gangster. kangana's dream to have a family. in the end no one wins everyone is a loser. some may disagree given the "happy" ending in the fields with her reuniting with shiney. the pros of this movie is that its quite realistic in the sense all the characters have shades of grey in them, and in the beginning i did feel a bit suspicious of the akash character being so overtly in love with her which didnt really make sense to me. the negative shades of his character and attributing them to his job and his ambition make sense and its very real i suppose. the cons: too sad. i guess im used to having desi movies ending happily ever after.


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