Saturday, November 04, 2006

and now for some sentiness

this week's senti scene. not from gangster. rest assured. but from one of my favoritest movies ever (saathiya). when vivek oberoi was considered(by me and others alike) cute.

suhani: lekin..mein tumsei shaadi kyun karoongi - (but why would i marry you)
adi: no no yei poocho kei main tumsei shaadi kyun karoonga. (no no ask me rather why i would marry u)
suhani: kyun.. (ok, why?)
adi: *sigh* isliyei kei.. (because...)
suhani: kya? (what?)
adi: kehdoon? (should i say it?)
suhani: *nods*
adi: becoz i love you
suhani: woh kya hota hai (what does that mean?)
adi: *looking confused now* kya? (huh?)
suhani: haan (yea?)
adi: i love you...umm... means i love you
suhani: means what?
adi: i love you...umm..main tumharei liyei kuch bhi kar sakta hoon. (i can do anything for you)
suhani: merai liyei train sei khud sakte ho? (can you jump off this train for me)
adi: haan...ruktei hi khud jaoonga (sure, as soon as it stops ill jump off)
suhani: aur tumharei khud tei hee main shaadi karloongi. (and as soon as you jump off ill marry you)

bhai wah, isko kehtei hai asli ishq! hahaah.

you can watch the video here


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