Friday, November 10, 2006

yei hi ishq di marzi
yei hi rab di marzi
this is love's wish
this is God's wish
- Teri deewani by Kailesh Kher
im sure ive blogged about this song in the past. but for some reason it always gets me thinking. i remember things that ive forgotten and i dream about the future. a very sufistic song that describes the love for, when i saw the video, one's beloved. But, I truly think the song is written for God. and the love of God. There are many things today I feel grateful for. I feel that sometimes I complain too much and I dont realize how fortunate I am. The minute I start enduring some tests,I complain to God and question why this is happening to me? but i dont realize it happens to all. If everything was so peaceful in life, when would one appreciate the happiest moments. Would there be any story to tell? Stories of inspiration, love, sadness, the courage after the sadness and finally kindness. I think not.


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