Sunday, November 12, 2006


so yesterday, i went to this rock concert by this band called death cab for cutie. id post the pics but theyre too small and my cell phone camera sucks. anyway, they are a washington soft rock band on the lines of coldplay or U2 or something like that. the name is quite misleading. none of the band members are cute. its apparently some song from some album in the 60s. and from there they got their name. my knowledge is quite minimal. The concert was in the middle of nowhere, and I mean nowhere, we drove three hours got lost and stumbled into this forest of sorts. windng roads and hardly any cars or even street lights. and just trees and trees everywhere on both sides. reminded me of the blair witch project movie. not helping were pple in the car making ghost noises (not that any of us know how a ghost sounds, but yea watever im quite chicken). but we finally found the location, still in the middle of nowhere, probably this was the biggest event that town had seen since 100 years or something. all of asudden you have 2000 cars popping out from nowhere.

but neway they are really good and going in hearing only two songs of theirs i didnt really expect much. But I thought they were pretty good and so incredibly talented. Two of the band members not only sing, but play guitar, the keyboard and drums! The crowd was totally white . imagine a roomful of white pple wearing preity zinta glasses. we were the only coloured pple in the room. or at least one of the few ones. and probably one of oldest ones too. which is very sad. very undergrad crowd. so after two hours of headbanging (haha) and staring at everyone (if you dont know the lyrics of songs it gets kinda repetitive and focus invariably shifts) the band left and everyone stayed put shouting encore. the band came back and played four more songs and then left. Theres always a certain buzz in the air when you go to a rock concert.

i thought (when we were lost) wed be the only pple there, so I had psyched myself into getting their autograph since it would be easy to do so. However, by the time we came out they werent around and cars were jam packed and everyone wanted to get out. This is another thing I greatly appreciate, initially when we came in we had someone tell us where to park but at the end we were left to fend for ourselves. So there were major traffic jams. IF this happened in Dubai, pple would start honking or they would get of their car and start yelling at each other. But here, it was so peaceful and everyone just stayed put and waited for the person behind to back out.

all in all a great day.


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