Wednesday, October 11, 2006

type a personality.

a friend of mine thinks that i have type a personality. the personality that frets and fumes and ends with conversations that border around "why does this happen to me always". but its true. it does. haha. i got kicked off my wireless network when im in an important group meeting and we have a deadline to meet. and now have to wait 45 full days before the royal highnesses of the computing group of my school regrant me priviledges. it is my fault, i know. laptop has a major virus. but still why does it happen to me.
or another example. when i know everyone (and i mean everyone) is gushing over my super sleek mouse(yea the techno kind and yea we are that geeky). i know in my head that something is going to happen to that mouse. its been missing for twodays and i have no clue where it could be.

all that is now to change.

after having survived not being picked for the presentation of the mad risk managment project. we had people praying and i mean real praying not to get picked. i had my own silent prayer to God. and thankfully it didnt happen to me like always. otherwise this paragraph would be in the above. i actually started shivering after the teams were picked. and since we are quite a closely knitted group we had a consenus on not asking the group presenting any questions that may resort to mumbling and embarassment for you and for them . also we were to clap loudly when the team was done. no fancy presentations. we are keeping the bar low intentionally. i figure, if we all suck, we cant all fail right? i love it when things are graded on a curve.


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