Wednesday, October 11, 2006

another drop in the ocean.

im not really happy about google's acquisition of youtube. my friend who works there is thrilled. im happy for her coz google stock price is well on its way to shooting up. but im sad coz there goes my freebie videos. thanks to google's great searching capabilities i will no longer be able to watch episodes of everybody loves raymond and seinfeld or allo allo for free. bah! no more free lunches. now that it comes with a hefty 1.6billion fee. thank god no one cares about desi movies yet. (yes, yet). it will be a while (i hope) before copyrighting is an issue there. but neway the good thing (since im all about looking at the bright side nowadays) the good thing from this is the insipiration one gets from the youtube guys. a very, in the founders own words ,"commensensical" idea turned into a big deal. add a bit of luck, expertise and ure good to go. and it took them only few hours to get the architecture stuff figured out. imagine that. benefits totally outweighed the risks. (mad risk managment class aftermath kicking in )
so in a pseudo-deep-conversation with my best friend we decided after a few years we are going to start our own business using a commensensical idea. the hard part is what though. we're thinking karaoke stuff. the abilitiy to use the web able to find any song u want and sing over it. its the age of american and indian idols after all.


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