Saturday, August 05, 2006

There she goes..

This is the last day in my old apt. I guess Im way too senti for my own good. This place has been often a haven from many things, its seen me through the various ups and downs of the year. ive grown up so much in this year. sometimes i cant even believe its been a year. i just feel like i moved in yesterday. time does indeed fly. life has changed so dramatically over this year. The jubilations, the celebrations, the sorrows. It may be stupid to feel so much of an attachment to a non living thing. But there are somethings Im sure its true for a lot of pple, you wont throw out, like that shirt even though its got a much visible hole in it. its just about preserving those sentiments. and sometimes we arent able to coz obviously in my case i cant afford to buy this place and im not sure if id want to buy it either, i mean in the long run. and now that its so empty, walls bare (not that they were completely covered in the first place) but it just feels more so now. the moving boxes scattered around. it almost feels like the end of an era. hopefully the next tenant will love and appreciate this place as much as i did and still do.


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