Friday, August 18, 2006

life's like that.

so currently the movie that everyones been dieing to watch is kabhi alvida na kehna. karan johar's latest. one of the things listed in my things to do before i die is to be one of the extras in some desi movie. well neway i havent really seen the movie yet but from what ive heard its awesome, lot of rubbish, socially damaging, very real etc. theres no huge consensus of the movie.

the movie basically tries to answer{ does everyone really have one soulmate that ure supposed to meet in this world. What happens if you never meet them? And if you do meet them how do u know its them. How do u know what it feels like to have a soulmate if u havent ever had one. And you cant really ever have more than one, coz then they wouldnt really be the sole mate.

Do people with criminal records have soulmates even? What exactly is a soulmate . In general people gravitate towards their own, they tend to marry their own- from their own geoghraphical region own country own religion own watever. So if there was really such a thing as soulmate wouldnt it transcend all that. So by that account, most pple arent married to their soulmate, so why do pple think and unrealistically think that there is really one person for you out there. i mean does it even matter. the chances of you finding them is even lower than winning the lottery. in reality, we make a decision on the emotion we feel at that point. its got nothign to do with soulmates its just about what feels right at that moment. and that emotion is fleeting u do not and even the most happiest of the happiest couples will agree that u cannot feel that emotion for a prolonged time. what u get in the end is the friendship.

on a different note though from my above paragraph. most pple think that lifes paths are already written. its our destiny. whatever happens, happens for a reason. to a certain degree i belive this. at the same time, i do think that our paths are already sketched out for us. and i mean paths. the paths are laid out but we choose one path, though we do have the options of other paths, and somewhere along that path we start writing over our already written destiny.


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