Saturday, August 26, 2006

pls shutup. pls. i beg u.

what is it about new york city and banks that make perfectly normal people jerks? i dont get it. can pple not see that their good fortune is great for them and really im happy for them. but pls dont go on and on about every single damn thing that has happend to you and pls dont whine about it every single god damn thing that has not gone your way. sometimes asking me how im doing is a great thing too. alrite perhaps u can whine to your friends but not if things are going good for you. anyways other news: i m very sad coz my favorite skirt tore, just like that, sure you can stitch it up but its never the same. more like relationships once the cracks appear its never a good sign, or perhaps when u have to start using concealer ure skin is never the same.


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