Monday, August 28, 2006

too much of a good thing, maybe a bad thing.

I have come to the great conclusion that i cant live with anyone anymore. Im part of this growing breed of people (i repeat people) who dont want the hassles of an extra person. Gone are the days where one would look forward to have a roomate and have the long conversations about everything and nothing in particular. Maybe its part of a growing trend but in my days (yea i can say that now) people would room with someone and from there their group woud grow, acquaintances would become friends etc. But now its very normal infact natural for a roommate to have their own life and precisely be that. Just a person you room with. Having had many bad experienes, i was still keen on a roommate. But fate had other plans. Now I cant stand having a roommate. I dont know if thats a good thing. My mom thinks its perfect im less stressed out and I dont have to tell her to keep it down if my roommate is around. Is the independant the ability to do anything you want, the hassle free instance of dealing with someone who differs from you in everything, are all these things setting u up for in fact to be a person who is impatient, cant adjust and feels easily annoyed.


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