Saturday, September 09, 2006

Where's the true in truth

I just saw 15 park Ave, and it has to be one of the most touching movies ive seen after a long long long time. i think more so coz it touches on all of what i have felt over these months, since the beginning of the year. the yearning for something i want, but don't really know why i want it, just the fact thatt i want it. and the conscious realization that,what infact i want, i cant get, and the conscious reassurance that what i want is not good enough. Our imagination, the world we create in occasions, in our dreams, in a pensive moment, or just when we wake up or just when we are about to sleep. the only difference is a schizophrenic lives in it always and can't consciously pull themself out of it. like we can.

in this movie the protagonist actually goes out and never gives up and finally finds what shes looking for. i actually have the urge to ask aparna sen what did she make of the ending. What was her interpretation to it.


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