Friday, December 19, 2008

mein jahan rahoon. kahin bhi rahoon. yaad saath hai.

so im no intellectual. not even the pseudo-intellectual types. i like things which make sense and somehow make some connection with me. im loving maximum city by suketu mehta. i just started reading it, and each paragraph so far is like a gem in its own. what stands out for me so far: the epiphany that one has staring at oneself in the mirror but not really looking at yourself, one or perhaps two major life altering events ,that happen to everyone, and that will ultimately change what you become, forever. and my favourite jahan bhi jao, kitnei bhi dur, par ghum phir kei wohi pohch jaana. =)

getting back to the book. will return to blog some more.


Ashraf's Pen 11:58 AM  

I see no reason why you should call yourself a pseudo-intellectual.

You read, have an opinion of your own and can defend your views.

I think you satisfy the intellectual criteria very well. And yes blog about the book.

life of pi 6:07 PM  

Thanks Ashraf. You always say nice things! I think for me an intellectual is knowledgeable about everything, knows both sides. A pseudo intellectualy pretends to be knowledgeable about everything. Me I just live in my bubble. =)

Ace 12:07 PM  

Thanks. ;) Though I think I don't say nice things. I just inadvertently voice the truth.

The trouble in the world is half of the people gives themselves more credit than they deserve and the other half don't even give themselves the credit they deserve.

No one knows everything and even intellectuals by your definition tend to judge by their biases.

I think being able to defend ones opinions is sufficient grounds to be labelled an intellectual. Because that shows that there is a method to the madness.

And u fit the bill by my definition.

So be it.

By the way, take care of your bubble. Every day I am reading about bubbles bursting. I just dont rememeber which kind.

joking.. ;) bye n tc

life of pi 7:19 PM  

thankoo! tres tres kind =)

Ace 7:28 PM  

see.. You still call my comments kind. Aadat se majboor it seems.

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