Tuesday, December 23, 2008

aditya ne bana di kaisi movie

ok so i saw rab ne bana di jodi and lets just the storyline borders from downright stupid to implausible to just plain annoying. and in all honesty i thought the ending credits was the only good thing in the movie. i cant believe this is the same filmmaker who made dilwale dulhania le jayenge ( not my absolute favourite but sure after that movie a lot of girls thought they would meet their anjana koye on euro rail (i knew pple like this) and sure im also guilty of thinking that your guy will be a hero battling everyone for you - thanks to ddlj)

so the story is based on this simpleton who falls in love with his professor's daughter on her mehendi day or something. and in true filmy fashion, tragedy strikes, her to be groom dies and her father, on his dying bed, asks her to marry his favourite student, the simpleton. so far we can stomach. yes, i have sat through worse stuff. so i have a good amount of garbage hindi movie stamina. so, nothing new in here. this all happens within the first 10 mins - and im thinking good they didnt stretch the cliche, now we can get to the story. so then it starts where the simpleton tries to woo his wife (played by a newcomer), but he does not do it by being normal and just doing simple sweet romantic things that will make one fall in love with their husband but by get this - having a makeover (read tight clothes and highlighting hair) and behaving like a flirtatious bufoon. i know im not the only one who found the whole " taani pardner" irritating as hell. How in the world could she end up falling in love with a weirdo like that, its just beyond me. and when anyone with one fading blind eye can make out its the same guy just with a new hairstyle and clothes but HE is the same person. i also wonder how he managed to get the highlights out of his hair, in literally five mins. i need the fake raj's hairdresser. anyway so since this is a hindi movie and the heroines and villains in desi movies have collective iqs of -1, they cant see the obvious. so lets just take that a given. but, the end reaction just made me go a little mad, when she finds out that the bufoon and the simpleton are the same guy (ie shahrukh khan) she goes all lovey-dovey and is like omigod you love me so much, i nearly pulled out all my hair (ok gross exaggeration - but you get the drift). first of all if this ever happened ot me, i would be freaked out at my husband's split personality not be omigod you are so amazing.
you are just frickin scary.

but then again, thats just me.

my rating: 1/5 ( i would have given it 2 if it were, hmm..., some sidey hero...like that desh drohi guy (hahah ok mean) .but its shahrukh khan and aditya chopra..and they really should know better)


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Tazeen 9:06 PM  


apparently the film made a lot of money.
Success is no indicator if the work is good or as trashy as it sounds.

Ace 12:36 PM  

While the movie was utter nonsense in terms of script(thats the rule for most bollywood scripts), the fact is many people liked the movie. And when u compare it to other recent duds like Kidnap, trust me Rab Ne Bana de Jodi was a delight.


Anonymous,  2:28 AM  

I watched RNBDJ Saturday morning show..thanks to my SRK fan friends.. and I think it was one of the worst movies I have seen recently. SRK in red trousers.. and a wife who cannot recognize her clean-shaved husband... hmmm..

life of pi 7:18 PM  

tazeen: i totally agree! Its all about publicity really. I saw Singh is King recently and I cannot understand how that movie made sooo much money. A lot of pple liked both the movies maybe I am just weird. thanks for visiting =)

Ace(hahah) : jk. yea, i guess its all about relativity =)

santosh: yay, join the club! =) sometimes pple should really just act their age, and by that i dont mean anyone over 40 should not wear red trousers. you can and you should but just make sure no one sees you in them.

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