Saturday, November 17, 2007

things what one will do to (not) study

1. get up early really early in the morning
2. get dressed and kick oneself out of the door to venture out into unfamiliar territory (i.e local neighbourhood library)
3. make pit stop at bagel place all set to skip lunch since major studying will be going on but before that will have the hearty breakfast, the so called most impt meal of the day.
4. decide to smuggle in breakfast in library (saving more time)
5. find out library is only three floors, of which one floor is the size of my studio. (mild exaggeration, only mild though)
6. see big big sign of no eating, no drinking no nothing in library. figured that earlier, coz you know i have been in uni before, but decided its ok will do what i did in uni, eat in the library. oh the forbidden fruit hath taste not tastier (ok im sure thats not hte line)
7. decide what the hell am here to study not eat, will eat later so spread all my books and keep my ipod handy as well in case i decide to doze of with the silence.
8. and then.. on the third floor a kid starts crying, not regular crying but screeching.
9. this goes on for half an hour
10. decide wat the hell, i want to eat my sandwich and go home.
11. come home, make myself comfortable, make tea (yep tea) for myself just myself as opposed to for others, and then decide nows the time to blog.

god, i hate studying. times like these, i wish were vicky of small wonder, (yes the old old old tv show).


Alok 8:54 PM  

I have till date not found a single person who loves studyng and that too in a library :-),
so people like me have always beeen in the majority group.

life of pi 7:00 PM  

i actually do know one person who does love studying. i think they are a mutant. =) i wish i did love it, it would have made my life so much easier.

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