Monday, November 19, 2007

sapnon mei jo roz kaha hai, woh phir sei kahoon..ya nahi

so today at work, i started working on a follow up to a project, although i really wasnt into it. And i really couldnt understand why the follow up was needed, coz everything was all encompassing and obvious. and to top it off, u know when you have one of those days where you really dont want to use your brain, where you hope everything will magically fall into place, where you dont even feel like going for 15 minute coffee breaks with your friends, coz you are feeling so out of it. where the office crush even passing by (thrice) has no effect on you. where your boss being out for the day holds no appeal to surfing online. (a great big of a deal since i sit right next to my boss). or listening to your ipod bindass. (i recently found out its considered unprofessional, and ive tried to kick this bad habit) but ive decided, to hell with it, i cant do without my ipod after 3, its like caffiene to others, so im just buying black headphones and wearing my scarf around my neck so its hidden and my hair covers my ears neway. yay. i promise however to stop humming and day dreaming on "aaj ki raat" from don)
i particularly lvoe that song, i dont know why. its like the perfect song to day dream about someone you really hate and how you are bumping them off. hahahahaahah. i have all the scenarios imagined in my head for this song, that i beleive i can choreograph it, in a heartbeat.
ok im digressing.
so, basically its been just a really dull dull day. and then suddenly IT happens. just like that.
pm: i figured it out, you dont need to do anything. im sorry you had to waste your time to figure it out.
me: * so so so so so elated* Thats ok.
i was so happy that i dont even care that i wasted whole morning working on it.
Sometimes God does listen to me, Thank you =)


Alok 7:14 AM  

Follow up is the most wrongly used term in corporate lingo.Generally I recv this whenever my boss sees me reading blogs,next ten minutes i get 5-10 mails with "follow up & close asap/by eod".

life of pi 5:00 PM  

alok: lol i dont even do that and i still get tapofied with follow up work and requests etc. But its ok as long as you are learning its fine. And initially when i started, i took the word "urgent"on face value and woulddnt go home until its done. But now that Ive been here for a little while longer, i understand everything is urgent. either that or useless. no in betweens =)

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