Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dialogue of the year : "chutki bhaar sindhoor aurat ka taj hoti hai" - Om shanti om (or something on those lines)

*read ahead only if you have watched om shanti om or one of those who read the end of the book first.

ok so the movie of the week is om shanti om. and i have to say that im not much of a fan of SRK, nor do I find his "Rahul, naam tau yaad rahega" type movies fun. and I didnt think Main hoon na was great either. However, I do think he is a good actor when he is subdued. So neway the choice was between this movie and Saawariya, which by default gets eliminated coz I really dont like Bhansalis movies barring Black. yes, im one of those pple who dont need drama in everything.
Ok so, despite all that (im just tying to point out oh how so objective i am = ))I have to say that Om shanti Om is fun fun and fun from the word go! You cant help but crack up at some scenes. There were pple behind me who were cracking up like anything. It just goes to show pple would rather go watch a fun movie than a rhona dhona, no matter how mindless it is. You can never go wrong with making pple laugh. Its basically a spoof on itself, its funny and there are so many movie references, actor references and one has to see it twice to get more of the "inside" jokes so to speak.
So, storyline - the movie is basically based on this junior artiste SRK who is in love with the superstar of the time, Deepika Padukone. (I dont remmeber their character names so im going to call them by their real names) who is really pretty and has done a great job for a first movie. But she is married to Arjun Rampal, who is the producer of the movie. Arjun Rampal, I dont know why is so underrated. I think he has great diction, super good looking and when he does the english dialogues it doesnt sound fake like SRK or god forbid Salman Khan. Anyway so Arjun Rampal, bumps of his wife when she threatens to tell eveyrone and tells him about her pregnancy (yep yei filmy chakkar hai) neway so in some terrible fire which Rampal puts, Deepika dies and SRK dies trying to save her. All the above is happening in the 70s so the whole atmosphere is very 70ish. So fast forward 30 years, They are both reincarnated and once SRK realizes who he is, they gang up and try to take revenge on Rampal.
Giving whole lot of immense support is Kiran Kher, who is so superb. I think she is one of the major reasons to watch the film. When you see her in the scene, where she is supposed to be the quintessential "old mad woman" who warns Rampal from going in the house, which is supposedly haunted with the bhoot of Deepika Padukone. She is soo funny! and then her lines in the background make you laugh like anything. Then there is SRK's sidekick Shreyas Talpade, who has done his role really earnestly and comes across as endearing. I liked SRK in the first half a lot, but in the second half he is not as good. He hams quite a bit in his scenes with Rampal. But with SRK, you can see that he is so passionate about his scene that even when he hams you cant help but liking him. Not everyone has this quality.
The 31 star song which I thought would be no big deal is actually quite fun and really nice to watch. Other scenes I found funny were the filmfare awards with Akshay Kumar and Abhishek. Akshay Kumar is really good at comedy and I think there havent been many movies that have extracted that from him.
And other than the super sidey dialogues, which ironically are the USP of the film, Farah Khan's direction is great. Some dialogues were a bit repetitive, and they should have been removed but other than that I liked the ending song too, where everyone who contributed to the film are shown and its just nice for all the pple in the behind the scenes to be appreciated. Hmm so wat else?
Cant think of anything else, just simple advice to everyone to definetly go see the movie. Its fun, super entertaining, unpretentious and just mad. =)


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