Tuesday, November 13, 2007

so today my sister sent me flowers at work. and i really didnt expect it. but the assistant who sits next to me was far more eager than me to a. find out what its in the box and b. to know who its from. while i was opening that, i got another call saying i have flowers for me. I told the guy that i think i already received it, after which hes like no its front of me. This time from a friend. But what really gave me a kick on how many pple are soooo into gossip and masala at work. Everyone wants to know who the flowers are from, and in particular who the roses are from and they go as far as to tease ohhhhhh your friend is sending you flowers, waiting for me to disclose more. hahah. but since im a smart cookie, i dont. hahaha. and then they ask so you must be pretty special to your sister for her to send you flowers. lol. thank you. but, i still think the most embarassing question is for pple to ask how old are you, and then for them to go but you dont look like 26. which makes me think do i not act my age. and then further think what does acting ones age entail. its all in the mind. neway i think its quite nice to get flowers at work, pple you hardly talk to come and talk to you and wish you and just get to know you. i distributed some of the roses i got and it made quite a few of them happy. all in all a day that started out very blahish and ended up quite well. =)


Inam 12:24 AM  

Happy belated birthday! Humans don't share the accuracy of computers anyway.

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