Thursday, November 15, 2007

meri umar kei naujawanon..
ok my post really has nothing to do with the above song. just heard it for the first time while watching om shanti om and i really like it. i think i should have been born in the 70s. or rather should have been in my 20s in the 70s. my mom thinks im quite a hippy. well neway so in rather unhippy fashion, i attended one of these networking events at work where a Director was giving the lowdown on what it is to be a Director, and what it was to have left a firm, that most pple would give an arm a leg to work at, coz it is all so mighty and powerful. But she left, coz she felt our workplace provides a better balance of work and family (yea rite) but she also honestly said that it was becoz she was passed over for a promotion. Soooooooo as all of us (ok maybe just me) hung on whatever she said, some asked a lot of questions varying from what is the male female ratio like. did you tell the current firm you wanted to strike a balance between work and family when you were interviewing etc.
Whats the big deal? I dont find any difference between working for either men and women. I think pple should really stop with this, people are people and thats just the way they should be seen. There are stuck up pple in both the gender. Get over it.
Anyway in other news Im going to be going back to school to attend a recruiting event. This is the time where Im going to be on the other side and Im not looking forward to being cornered by graduates. I know I was pretty stupid when I was in university, and would ask the panelists all sort of random questions. And now that I know we are so focused on our own work that we do, its impossible to know the answers to all these random questions. Im not really looking forward to going back to university, its a whole plane ride away and then awkward conversations with other pple on the panelists. But then everyone thinks this is a great opportunity for me tot get to know pple from other groups, but more importantly to stop being such an antisocial geek.
lets see how that goes.


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