Saturday, November 03, 2007

"Sapne zaroor dekho. Bas unke poore hone ki ummeed mat rakho" - DDLJ

so at a dinner with friends, we started discussing if it we were without any stress, any responsibility, without parental pressure, basically without worrying where the next pay check comes from, what we would do. and its interesting to see a lot of pple (or maybe its just my friends) are into some form of "creativity". i say creativity in quotations coz there is creativity in everything, even if you own a small bakery/patisserie of some sorts and find a unique way to make your pastries, that is creativity. or if you are a programmer and discovered a new way to structure your code, or created new programs to simplify your work. that again is creativity.

but in the regular sense of what is considered creativity, is the arts. journalism, writing, entertainment, and sometimes even entrepreneurship( i so know this is not hte correct spelling).

so anyway, my dream job which again has varied from since i was growing up. in my preteen to early teenage years i wanted to be a detective (the xfiles kind and not the karamchand jasoos fametypes ) and then a radio jockey and then a journalist but over the last 3 years its been, a movie director or writing a screenplay for hindi movies. (only problem is my hindi isn't good at all) and interestingly my friends want to do interior designing, be a travel documentarist kinds (im sure there is a real word for this), write a book, be a singer, have a business that sells movie star paraphenelia to dumb teenagers/kids (ive been there), have a desi restaurant in a red neck town, soap opera star, talk show host, professional pool player ( i dont really know if there is something like this in reality).

i guess there are very few pple who do their dream job, occassionaly one will hear of so and so who quit their very stable very desi very professional computer programming job to join film school. i think it takes guts. it takes even more guts to realize that when you actually find yourself doing your dream job you a. are not even that good it as you imagined you would be and that you would fit very nicely and everything you do would strike gold and then it doesnt b. that it actually wasn't really your dream and more of a whim.


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