Monday, November 05, 2007

zamanei ko bida kar dei...[loosely translated in context i hell with the world]

so i was listening to this song from madhuri dixit's comeback movie, aaja nachle (come dance), show me your jalwa while waiting for the train at the station. and sometimes its really quiet, while you are waiting and the song can be heard through your headphones.

so this very prim proper, elderly gora businessman, you know those kinds who wear pin stripe suits and have a hankerchief in their left/right pocket. so he was standing next to me, also wiating for the train, and then suddenly he starts tapping his feet and swaying. and yes i know, i was thinking the same thing maybe its not my music, so i lowered the volume and he stopped and then i increased the volume again and he started swaying again. hahahaah. i did it a couple of times.

its true, music transcends language, race, religion and culture. may we always have a lot of music in our lives. =)


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