Saturday, November 07, 2009

mat jao

distance was
always the enemy
and now
so is time
so is fatigue

there may be
nothing to say
nothing to proclaim
but still
you want to say more
anything more

is this fleeting
is this forever
its hard to say
its just feels right now.


Ace 12:53 AM  



The lines
so is time
so is fatigue
so eloquently added up adversaries.

Touching as always

life of pi 8:04 PM  

thanks ashraf. yup thats life. how are things with you?

Ace 5:09 AM  

:) Yes that is life. Time is the enemy as well as the friend.

Life is fine at my end.

Those irritating 90 hour workweeks still continuing despite all the hope to the contrary.

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