Saturday, October 31, 2009

kya karoon dheeme dheeme se, nashe mein jo hai zindagi

ok so i haven't really,truly, completely blogged in a long time. in fact, i dont think i have done many things in a long time. mainly coz i have been preoccupied with other things..good things but things where i have no me time anymore. time is passing so fast that i have forgotten all the things that i wanted to accomplish this year. and now the reasons for accomplishing them seems so futile. almost. i guess high on my list of things was finishing this book so i could actually feel intelligent at work, i haven't crossed page 20. i feel like one of those kids who are so unserious about what they are doing and just riding the current wherever it takes me. its really not a good feeling.

anyway, i went to the halloween parade this weekend. i cant say i have ever had a good experience at the halloween parade, but every year i go. old habits die hard. anyway, this time we decided to be in the parade then out of the parade simply coz its just so much easier and less crowded...and the whole mob like mentality is a little more controlled. anyway, it was raining and people werent that enthu. blame it on the recession or the rain. god knows. so anyway, i ended up meeting a few new people.

i think as we grow older, its really hard to kind of hit off with new people that you meet. . i tried to rack my brain for topics to talk about, but each topic was met with a dead end. like seriously , those weird awkward silences and even the laughing for no reason was not helping. yes, ok. that is sad.

last week, i ended up again meeting an eclectic group of pple and the conversation was so dry, i wanted to stab myself with a fork. in fact, i would rather have gone to the dentist. yea ok, i get it the common thing in these stories is me. and maybe its just my lack of super amazing conversational skills. but, i really really don't think so.

i seriously think the art of conversation is dieing. the art of romance is dead. and the art of sponatienty (spelling) is long buried.


Ace 1:15 AM  

the art of conversation is dieing. the art of romance is dead. and the art of sponatienty (spelling) is long buried.


I think you are in the wrong place and at the wrong time. All these things have been dying forever. But they are still here.

life of pi 8:04 PM  

yea i always feel i was born in the wrong era. bring back chivalry i say.

Ace 5:51 AM  


Yes, I wanted to discover fire and proabaly also the wheel. hmm thinking more even the laws of motion added in would be better.

Just joking.

May you live in interesting times.

(Ancient Chinese curse)

And yes chivalry is still alive.

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