Monday, November 23, 2009

living beyond the edge

so for the last week or so i have been in atlanta, keeping my sister and the youngest addition to the d family company. i think its really tough being a parent. especially if you live in the nuclear family setting. some may argue the opposite obviously, having to deal with extended family in your face, your inlaws could take a toll on you. but i still think you have the luxury of' me' time which is so important. whereas when you are on your own, you have just you to depend on and simple things like going to watch any random movie, or late night dessert outings are no more an impulse thing and its more of a planned outing. i guess it makes you grow up. [sad for those of us who continue to live in our teenagedom in adulthood] it forces you to become responsible and selfless too. i think most parents do the best job they can, and its only when you are much older and are past the your "parents will never get you" stage that you realize that.


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